Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Not just women but every men also love with their hair. Some like to experiment with different types of hair styles, while some have fun with their natural hairstyle. Now a days, With the changing of ages, in the competition of appearing in fashionable fashion, there are new uses every day on the hairstyles. As a result, complaints like hair loss and hair loss have started to become common. Fashion, pollution, unhygienic food and stress have made the Haseen Zulfas a dream to be seen in the day. But this dream can become a reality even if we try some Natural Hair Care Tips.

Coconut oil massage (नारियल तेल की मालिश):

We are forgetting the benefits of coconut oil Coconut oil is beneficial for hair strengthening. If we do 15 minutes to massage the hair with coconut oil, then hair fall will also happen, hair loss will also be stopped.

Honey and egg massages (शहद और अंडे की मालिश):

Honey is the best for hair nutrition. This gives hair roots the nutrition. If the egg yolk is mixed with honey, its effect becomes double. The root of the hair, i.e. Scalp, gives the necessary protein i.e. Keratin.

Bhrigraj oil massage (भृंगराज तेल मालिश):

Bharagraj’s medicinal properties gives hair a lot of benefit. Hair is black and dense by roasting hair with roasted oil daily. It stops hair loss. Applying this also reduces the loss of hair in the hair. It also gives coolness to the head.

Almond oil massage (बादाम के तेल की मालिश):

Almond not only keeps the brain fit, but also provides the nourishment to the hair as well. Vitamin E is found in almonds which strengthens the hair. One should massage the hair with almond oil a day in a week. Its use stops hair loss.

Moisturize hair (बालों को मॉइस्चराइज़ करें):

Use five types of oils for moisturizing hair. Mix equal quantity of almonds, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oil and mix it. Massage the hair with this mix oil and then leave it for four hours. Try it two days a week. Shining in the hair will come as well as the hair roots will also be strengthened.
What to do for hair care (बालों की देखभाल के लिए क्या करें)
– Keep hair scalp clean
– Shampoo mild daily
– Massage the hair massage with oil for 20 minutes in a day
– Always use herbal hair products
Use serum in rust and lifeless hair. This will cause shining in the hair
– Keep hair dry
– massage the hair roots
What to Do for Hair Care (बालों की देखभाल के लिए क्या करें)
– Avoid hair color if possible
– Do not use hair gel and hair spray cream.
– Do not bend wet hair, its causes the risk of skin infections.
– Avoid excessive use of hair color, hair dye in the market for beauty of hair.

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