January 31, 2019

Budget 2019

Budget 2019

Budget 2019 : How successful is the Modi government’s smart city scheme

Budget 2019: How successful is the Modi government’s smart city scheme.
The last few months of the Modi government’s tenure have survived. This is the reason why the government will present the interim budget on February 1. There can be electoral futures in this budget, and it is possible to mention the important schemes of the government. These schemes also include “Smart City Mission“. Today we will tell you about this mission related to this report.
Budget 2019 : What is the smart city mission
For the rejuvenation of cities, Modi Government has started this mission. In order to develop a citizen friendly urban area, several other initiatives, including investment of more than Rs. 6,85,758 crores were made. This mission covers 100 cities and its period is up to five years (from fiscal year 2015-16 to fiscal year 2019-20). At the beginning of the mission, 5,151 projects were identified in 100 cities, whose expenditure was to be spent on more than two lakh crores.
Budget 2019 : 10,116 crores spent on 534 projects
Work is being done at different stages in all these projects. 10,116 crore rupees spent on 534 projects were completed. At the same time, the implementation of 1,177 schemes of about Rs 43,493 crore has already started. While the process of tender of Rs. 38,207 crores has been started on 677 project. It has been pointed out in the statistics that under the Smart City Mission, the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme has also been focused. More than 65 lakh houses have been sanctioned in urban areas. At the same time there is a provision of Rs 77,640 crore for water, sewerage and sanitation under Mission Amrit scheme.
Budget 2019 : How many projects under Smart City
Projects worth Rs 228 crores have been completed in 4 cities under Smart Road coming in the Smart City Mission. Projects worth Rs 3,819 crore in 34 cities are under construction. While tender has been issued for projects worth Rs 2,069 crore in 10 cities. Similarly, under the Smart Water Project, works of Rs 902 crores in 18 cities have been completed. While the work of Solar Power Project has been completed in 8 cities of 58 crores Under the scenic and impressive project, work of 179 crore rupees has been completed in 16 cities.
 Budget 2019 : Second important initiative through mission
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MOHU) has consistently been working to improve the real estate sector with the full force, ensuring the implementation of RERA throughout the country for the benefit of home buyers. Apart from this, ‘Yes of Living’ Index has been started. In June 2017, it was decided that on the basis of living index index 116 cities would be ranked.
Budget 2019 : How much money the government has released
According to the figures of June 2018, the central government has released 10 thousand 459 crore for smart city mission. Of these, 1469 crore rupees in 2015-16, Rs 4493 crore in 2016-17, Rs 4497 ​​crore were released in 2017-18.
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