Budget 2019: AI program will be made in India, know what is Artificial Intelligence

Budget 2019 AI program will be made in India, know what is Artificial Intelligence

Budget 2019: AI program will be made in India, know what is Artificial Intelligence

For the past few years, the use of the Artificial Intelligence Term in India has been used because of the smartphone industry, rarely has it ever happened before. Nearly every mid-range smartphone of the market is now claimed to have a feature of Artificial Intelligence. However, now 2019 talk of Artificial intelligence is mentioned.
Central minister Piyush Goyal while reading an interim budget in Parliament said that the government will open the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and soon the Artificial Intelligence Portal will be launched. He has said that the National AI Portal will soon be developed.
The new Artificial Intelligence Portal will be built in support of the National Program on Artificial Intelligence. Piyush Goyal has said that the use of the Artificial Intelligence program will be for the benefit of AI and its related technology. Its national centers will be built which will work as a hub. Its 9 areas have been selected.
What will happen in the AI ​​portal prepared by the government and how it will be exploited by the people. At present the government has not said this in the budget.
But it is important for you to know what artificial intelligence is and how it can prove to be beneficial in your day to day life. Yes, there are also disadvantages and the world’s largest technology giants believe that it can put the world in jeopardy.
John McCarthy used this term for the first time in 1955. He is also called Father of Artificial Intelligence. Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence is a part of computer science under which intelligent machines are prepared which react like human beings and act as human beings.
Through artificial intelligence, the machine can solve problems like humans. Can learn things like humans. Just like we and you do better with any work experience, there is an AI program in the same way. Here also the machine can learn through it.
Keep in mind that this is a part of the Artificial Intelligence. Because it also has many different parts. They have skills such as speech recognition, planning, learning and problem solving. Artificial intelligence-based assistants are given in smartphones. Its biggest example is Google Assistant. The more you use it will be as accurate. That is, he learns from you. Machine learning can also be called a part of Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.
The benefits of artificial intelligence are as much damage as possible.
The work will be accurate.
There is no scope for mistakes.
Difficult to handle difficult tasks easily.
Digital Assistant will help you ..
By using it in medical applications, treatment will be easy.
What will be the damage
There will be no original creativity.
Even if it is intelligent, but this is the machine. Who can help you, but do not know the difference between bad or rule law, and this can be a big danger in the future.

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