How To Make Bootable PenDrive

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How To Make Bootable PenDrive

How To Make Bootable PenDrive

We all have never installed windows OS in our computer. There are two ways to install computer OS, with the help of a CD drive and with the help of a USB device. To install windows OS from a USB device, you have to make your USB device (Pendrive) Bootable. Today we will learn about how to make Bootable Pendrive.

Benefits of using Bootable Pendrive:

By using a USB bootable pendrive, many of your work is done. Some of these benefits are given below.
1. If your computer’s CD / DVD Writer is damaged, then using the USB Bootable pendrive, you can install windows OS in the computer.
2. Windows computer can not boot due to any reason, your USB Bootable pendrive can quickly repair it.
3. With USB Bootable pendrive you can also live windows.
How to make Bootable Pendrive for windows 7.

For Windows 7 you can create a Bootable Pendrive image from the official tool of Windows. To create Bootable pendrive, read below.
Note – You will have to copy all your personal data in Pendrive to your Computer because in this process your Pendrive will be formatted.
Step1:- First you will need a USB Pendrive which can be up to 4 GB in size.
Step2:- You have to download a software in your computer – ‘windows USB DVD Tool‘. You will find this software on the official site of Windows.
Step3:- After downloading software, you have to install it. Double-click the setup file and install the software. After the installation is complete, the desktop will see its icon, double click it and open the software. Keep in mind, you have to have rights to adminstrator to run this software. If you are a guest / normal user you will have to contact your admin.
Step4:- Now you have to open the windows OS of Iso file according to the below given screen.
How To Make Bootable PenDrive
Step5:-After selecting the ISO file you will have to click the next button. Now you have to select the location of pendrive.
How To Make Bootable PenDrive
Step6:- Click ‘Begin copying’ to go to next step. After that you will receive a message to pendrive format. Click yes to start the process.
How To Make Bootable PenDrive
Step 7:-Processing will take some time, after the flashing is complete you will see the message on the screen completed.
How To Make Bootable PenDrive
Your bootable pendrive is ready. Now you can install windows OS in any computer.
How to Make Bootable Pendrive for windows 10:

To create a USB bootable pendrive for Windows 10, you must use the Rufus tool. Do not forget to connect your USB pendrive computer before starting the process.
How to Make Bootable Pendrive for windows 10
Step1: First download the Rufus tool in your computer and open it. Now select pendrive from the Divine section.
Step2: Now create bootable disk using this option to select the ISO option.
Step3: Now click on the CD icon next to this option and locate and open the iso of windows 10 saved in the computer.

Step4: Clicking on the Start button will start the formatting process and in a short time the USB bootable pendrive will be ready.
I hope you know how to make bootable pendrive for how to Make Bootable Pendrive from this guide to Windows 7 and Windows 10. Ask your questions and suggestions through a comment.
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