Know the Meaning of Every Color Of Rose

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Know the Meaning of Every Color Of Rose

Know the Meaning of Every Color Of Rose

It is the month of February year, when there is a deep shadow of love in Fija. People around the world do special planning to make their Valentine’s Day special. Valentine’s Day starts from Rose Day on 7th February. On this day, people express their feelings towards them by giving their friends and partners a rose. Did you know that different colors given on Rose Day reflect your different feelings. Let’s know what color rose means of color.

Red rose Everyone knows red color is a symbol of love and red rose also reflects this feeling. If you love anyone or want to express your love to someone, then you share your Feelings with red roses.

White rose – The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence and peace. If you want to say sorry, you can start a new relationship with white roses. To give good wishes to anybody can give white roses.

Yellow Rose – Yellow Rose is a symbol of friendship, joy and new beginnings. This Rose Day can give your friends a yellow rose. If you want to befriend someone, you can start a new friendship by giving white roses. With this rose you can also speak to someone like ‘Get Well Soon’.

Pink Rose – Pink Rose is a symbol of prosperity, gentleness and civilization. If you like any aspect of a person or you want to talk to someone, then you can express your feelings by giving pink rose. If you like anybody, then give that person pink rose too. Apart from this, your best friend or fiancé can also give pink roses.

Orange Rose – Orange Rose reflects enthusiasm and energy. If you like a particular person with a deep heart, you can express your feelings by giving orange roses.

Lavender Rose – This rose expresses the feeling of attraction. ‘Love at First Sight’ means that these people can give these roses when they are loved. But these roses are not easily available.

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