Propose Day 2019

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Propose Day 2019: Propose Your Crush With These Special Ways

Propose Day 2019: Propose Your Crush With These Special Ways

Valentine’s Day Week begins on Thursday with Rose Day. Propose Day is celebrated after Rose Day. Love has a special significance in life. Everyone wishes that his partner will propose him absolutely perfect. On Propose Day people express their feelings of love. Ezhar-e-Ishq is a very difficult task, so most people keep avoiding it. But when the perfect time has come, then you should also tell your crush to your heart.

How to express your love on Propose Day on 8th February, we are telling you some easy ways.

Be Yourself

If you are going to propose someone, then remember this rule. You do not have to make many changes in yourself. Win their hearts with simplicity and love. Stay what you are There is no need to put yourself in a unique mold.

Go to Candle-Light Dinner

This is a very old way but it is still effective today. There is nothing better than this for a romantic evening. The atmosphere of romantic music is absolutely perfect for the proposition, between the candle’s slow light.

Take on coffee

There may be a lot on one coffee, the cafe coffee day tagline also says this and it is also true. Call your crush for a Hangout on a coffee shop and talk about your mind at the right time.

Turn Reel Life To Real Life

In the reel life, often the surprise propositions are shown. If you are hesitant to say anything to your crush then take him to a movie. It will not even have an idea that it is going to get propose. At the time the romantic scene is being played on the screen, you can surprise your crush by expressing love at that time.

Bonfire on

Can plan for a Bonfire Party on a friend’s farmhouse. Take your friends too, so that your love story will not disappear from anyone. In front of Bonfire, any romantic song can dread your crush.

Plan a date beforehand

Someone you love, somewhere, even if you love him, it will definitely be your feelings. So if you are confrontable and want to avoid giving surprise, then talk with your crush to make Propose Day memorable and plan a great date when yes.

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