Valentines Week List 2019

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Valentines Week List 2019

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Valentine Week List 2019

Valentines Week List 2019: Know When is Rose Day, Propose Day and Valentines Day
Valentines Day 2019: February is considered the month of love month. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this month. In the first week of February, every attendant has to undergo an exam. Valentine’s Day, which has started preparing for a long time. If you fail in this exam, then understand that you can lose your love. So know beforehand what else the date of the exam is. So that you will not regret later. Know the complete datasheet.
Rose Day – February 7
This day is considered a day of roses. On this day you give red roses to your love. Not only red roses, you can turn your friendship, crush or hostility into friendship by giving white, yellow roses on this day.
Propose Day – February 8

Now on the first day you have given your love rose and then it is possible to propose the next day. If you also want to propose to anyone, this day will be the best for you.
Chocolate Day – February 9

The third day of the week is celebrated in the name of Chocolate Day. On this day you can express your love not only to your love but also to your friends, family members by chocolate.
Teddy Day – February 10

Teddy and heart are very strong or can say that our heart is like Teddy too soft. Which you can give your love or whatever you want to give it. Generally, boys on this day do teddy gifts to girls. So you too do these beautiful things.
Promise Day – February 11

Now, give your love a gift, give it now. Which is necessary for every relationship. Make a promise on what you love this day and play it in life time.
Hug Day – February 12

On February 12, it is known as Hug Day. On this day each other is embraced. Which you know as the magic zapi of magic. On this day, forgetting all the gills and forgetting magic did not forget to give magic.
Kiss Day – February 13

When there is no word for expressing love, one who is full of love is very good. Celebrate this day with every lover and partner on this day.
Valentine’s Day-February 14

This day is considered very special in Valentine’s Day. This time you spend time with your partner If possible, take it to a long drive or to a pleasant place.

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