What is Domain

What is Domain:- In this post we are going to learn what is domain and why we need domain for a website.

What is Domain

What is Domain ?

What is domain name?

The domain or domain name commonly referred to as the Internet Protocol address, i.e, IP Address is used for identification. Whenever a URL is connected to a webpage, it requires a domain name. It may be used for one or more IP addresses simultaneously.

Like if we take the everythingingoogle, here then at https://www.everythingingoogle.com is the everthingingoogle domain name. Here (.com) is a domain.

What is Domain names and extensions:

Many peoples think that domain name and extension are same but this is not true. Both are different to each other. Extension is a different thing. Actually, it is associated with the domain name, therefor some people join the domain name and extension to understand the domain which is not correct.
As I mentioned in the above example, there is a everythingingoogle domain, but along with it another word is connected to that dotcom (.com).
What is this dotcom(.com)? 

Actually, dotcom is an extension name for this (everythingingoogle) domain. Extension names are common names that are used with all website names or domain names.
Types of Domain Extensions:

There are many different types of domain extensions.
Such as:
.com – Commercial
.co – Colombia
.net – Network
.org – Organization
.club – Club
.us – United States
.au – Australia
.in – India
There are many more. Now you may have come to know what is the domain name and the full address that we write to a website.
Why is the domain name needed?
As we know that entire Internet is full based on the IP address, therefore, to convert every domain name into a computer Internet’s IP address, the Domain Name System (DNS) Is needed.
The domain name is not needed by the computer because the computer is meant by its IP address which is different for everyone. But the domain name needs for peoples. It is difficult to remember IP addresses for us. Different IP addresses for individual websites which are also very complex are we can not remember, therefore a domain name is required.
Let’s understand with an example, Suppose my website domain name is xyz.com and its IP address is, which one is much easier for us? IP address or domain name?
Off course, the domain name is easy to remember. Therefore, we need a domain name and we do not always remember our most commonly used website, IP address. I hope you better understand why the domian name is needed.
How to Buy Domain Name?
Now the question is from where we can buy domain name.
In fact, thousands of websites have been filled up for the domain name from where it can be registered or can be purchased.
If you walk the Internet then you must have heard the name? It is currently the most popular domain name registrar in India with the highest domain booking.
Apart from this, there are many more websites where you can register the domain name.
  • Godaddy.
  • Bluehost.
  • Bigrock.
  • Hostgator.
  • Domain India.
And Many more. So from this website you can purchase a domian name with different price.

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