What Is Rafale Deal Controversy? What Is The Allegations of BJP And Congress? All You Need To Know

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What is Rafale?

Rafale or Dassault Rafale literally means “wind of deep” and “in the spirit of more fire” is a French double-engined, Canard Delta Wing, fighter aircraft designed and built by multirol Dassault aviation. Equipped with a wide range of weapons, Rafale’s aim is to make air supremacy, interference, air reunion, ground support, deep hit, anti-ship strike and nuclear resistance missions. Rafale is known by Dessault as the “Omnirole” aircraft.

What Is Rafale Deal Controversy? What Is The Allegations of BJP And Congress?

Rafale Deals:

When and why did Rafale plane need?

Talk from the year of 2000. When the Air Force felt the need for Mirage-2000 aircraft instead of MiG-21. Then the Air Force decided to buy 126 medium multi-role battle aircraft (MMRCA). Seven years later, in 2007, the proposal request for purchase of aircraft, called Request for Proposal (RFP) in English, was issued. Six vendors filled the tender Only two of the six firm’s aircraft were found eligible on the completion of field evaluation testing. The names of these two vendors are Dassault Aviation (France) and EADS (Germany). Proposals of these two companies were opened. As the cost of Dassault was low, in this connection debate started with the first time in November 2011 as an L1 vendor with Dault Aviation.

What was the deal in the Congress government?

During the UPA-2 government, negotiations began with the Dassault Aviation for the first time in November 2011 as an L1 vendor. It was decided that out of 126 total 108 aircraft were produced by the public company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL). The remaining 18 aircraft were available direct from France. According to the Congress, at that time, the price of Rafale aircraft in 2007 was fixed at around five hundred crores.
What is the deal in Modi government?

On May 26, 2014, the Narendra Modi government replaced the UPA at the Center. The new government started working on Rafale file. In April 2015, The PM Modi went on a tour of France. Meanwhile, the two countries issued joint statement on the Rafael deal. After which a discussion group was formed to decide the draft of the Rafale Deal. Deal was done on the basis of the report of the negotiating team. After all, during the tenure of the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar (now CM of Goa), on September 23, 2016, Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) was signed with France for the purchase of Rafale. Prior to the deal, the request for the 126 medium multi-role battle aircraft (MMRCA) was withdrawn by the Modi Government on June 24, 2015 (RFP). It was during the RFP UPA. The government says that due to the stalemate in the talks negotiated with the Dassault over contract, the deal of 36 Rafale aircraft was replaced by 126. Nirmala said that such a huge order was so cost effective.
Was the deal finalized during UPA?

Dr. Subhash Bhamre (Defense minister of state) has officially said in Parliament that no final agreement was reached at the time of UPA Government to buy the 126 Rafale aircraft, so no final order was given to Dassault. In fact, on January 3, 2018, MP Kamlesh Paswan asked the government- was the last agreement by the previous government to purchase 126 fighter aircraft from Rafale. What are the reasons behind delay of more than 12 years in the said purchase?
How is the Reliance Defense made offset partner?

In Rafale Deal, Anil Ambani company Reliance Defense is the most frustrating thing to make an offset partner. The Congress alleged that the Narendra Modi government gave Rafale Deal’s contract to benefit Anil Ambani. While the Modi government says that the government has not been the role of the offset partner, the decision has been taken by Dassault Aviation. In response to a question in Parliament on September 20, 2017, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said that the government did not sign any kind of offset case between the Reliance Defense and Dassault. In the Lok Sabha, on Wednesday (January 2), Arun Jaitley has said that there is a deal worth 58 thousand crore, out of which about eight hundred crore rupees will be given to Reliance Defense. Whereas the Congress President is saying a deal worth 30,000 million rupees.
What Is Price of Rafale?
Rafale issue of price is the most discussed. Here, first you have to understand that Rafael has two prices. The price of a basic aircraft and the second price is the price of the machine-equipped Rafael aircraft. The Modi government has told the price of basic aircraft in Parliament on November 18, 2016. The cost of an aircraft is Rs 670 crores. The Congress has alleged that India bought an airliner of Rs 526 crore for 1670 crores. While the Modi government says that since the government has made a deal with the purchase of armed aircraft instead of the basic aircraft, its value is much higher. Arun Jaitley claimed in the Lok Sabha that the deal that the current government has done, according to the Basic Aircraft UPA 9% and Weaponi Aircraft 20% cheaper. Here, the price of the Weaponized Rafale is being declared confidential by referring to Article 10 of the agreement between the country’s security and the Intergovernmental Agreement.

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