WhatsApp’s New Lock Feature

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WhatsApp's New Lock Feature - Step by Step Guide

WhatsApp’s New Lock Feature – Step by Step Guide

WhatsApp recently launched the Biometric authentication feature for iOS users. It has now been released for iOS users around the world. Testing was going on for some time now. We have also reported earlier too. But now let’s call you simple steps. If you have not used this lock feature till now, you can activate it.

It is worth noting that the Whatsapp messages found in the notifications can be read in spite of being locked and you can also reply without unlocking it.

  1. Search the WhatsApp by visiting the Apple App Store.
  2. If the old version of your phone is WhatsApp then an update option will appear here.
  3. Many people keep credit / debit card details in their iPhone without any Users can be asked for the password of iTunes by clicking on the update. Please fill out the necessary information here.
  4. Update WhatsApp. If data speed is good then it will be updated in a few seconds.
  5. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  6. Under Account Settings, you will get Privacy option.
  7. Selecting these options will make Screen Lock open at the bottom.
  8. When you open the screen lock, you will see four options.
  9. First option – Immediately, second – After 1 minute and this is the same 1 hour option.
  10. You can select Face ID or Touch ID here.
  11. Face ID will have face scan, while fingerprint scanning will be able to scan in Touch ID.
  12. You can set the time here, that is, if you want to lock every time, then select Immediately or set the time.

Now your Whatsapp app is locked. Earlier, the iPhone users were complaining that they have no options for Whatsapp lock nor any third-party app. There is also no lock feature on Android, but there are dozens of apps for Android that work to lock WhatsApp. Perhaps this is the reason why WhatsApp has brought it to the first iPhone users.
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