25+ Secret Tips For Building High Quality Backlinks

25+ Secret Tips For Building High Quality Backlinks

Before know about 25+ Secret Tips for Building High Quality Backlinks, first we need to know What is backlink? What is advantage of backlink? How we can generate good quality of backlink?

I have already written a post about above all question so if you want to read then link is below just click on it and read it, because i’m not going to talk about these things. Here,I will talk only about secret tips for building high quality backlinks.

What are Backlinks? What is Advantage of Backlinks? How We Can Generate Good Quality of Backlinks?

So, without wasting any time let’s get started….

How do Backlinks Work?

How do Backlinks Work? 

Backlinks work in two ways. 

First, Backlink boost your traffic and second, is they let the search engines know about your website and increase your online illustriousness. 

But question is how do they that? 

It has been well researched that effectual sites tend to link other authentic sites. On the other hand, spam sites do not receive quality links from reliable sources. By using link data, although it can never be entirely accurate, it allows one to adopt a more scientific approach towards the SEO strategies. 

I always recommended focussing on quality backlinks and anchor text variation for better search results. 

You know, Backlink building is an important strategy and needs carefully presumed planning for successful execution. 

If you are planning to start a link building campaign from scratch, but you are not sure from where to begin, here I’m going to talk about some few building guides which would help you out.

Social Networks for well-earned Backlinks

In this section I will focused on social networks and places where you can build an online presence and post your content in a way that others can share and link for gaining additional value.

Best things: Social sharing is a great tactic to build natural backlinks and increase your social signals.

You know there are 500 million people in the world who using LinkedIn therefor, LinkedIn offers an array of options where you can link your content for value. In addition to linking your content to your LinkedIn profile, you can also link regular short blog posts to longer and more detailed posts on your blogger or WordPress website.

Pinterest is also useful for linking content that deals with specific genres such a DIY and other. It can also be used for infographics and other moderate visual contents. This site can be used in conjunction with different link building techniques down the line.

#3. Reddit
Reddit is also useful for linking content. You can put your link as a read more while replying to someone else comment and it’ll be more likely seen as adding value rather than spamming and advertising so you can use Reddit for backlinks.

This site is an excellent for prevalence of all sorts of visual content including images, quotes, video and pictorial messages for the people at large.

#5. Imgur
Lots of people don’t know about Imgur. Imgur is a useful website if you want to convey a meaningful message accompanied with an image and compelling infographics.

This site is efficiently used for share links and swap partnerships with other related bloggers. It is a vital social network for links with specified roles within a community.

#7. Tumblr
this site is quite popular among another site but you can also use this site to create a good backlink on your website.

Apart form the social networks for well-earned backlinks. Article directories can also help you link acquisition strategy.

Let’s have a look……….

Top Article Directories for Building Free Backlinks

Article submission to top article directories is one the most effective methods of getting backlinks and traffic to you blog or website and it is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any money. As you may or may not know, backlinks are high in the factors that search engines use to rank a web page on the search engine result pages (SERP), for any keyword.

For a new blog or website, by submitting articles on high PR and top article directories, you can get your website indexed faster and generate a ton of backlinks.

Where to Submit Your Articles for Quality Backlinks and Traffic

Here, I am going to list few Article Directories with different High Page Rank (PR) which you can use for submit your articles.

Other Techniques To build High-Quality Backlinks

The techniques which I am going to mentioned below do not fall under a particular category but instead are a combination of methods.

#1. Convert blog posts to Podcasts
Convert your blog post into audio podcasts has a number of benefits for your marketing and your business overall. It is also used for gaining a more significant foothold and earning links from podcast storefronts and reviewers. This technique further helps your followers to go through your content quickly while they are traveling.

#2. The Moz’s Guide to Broken Link Building.
Broken link building is a tactic that involves finding resources in your niche that are no longer live in the web. Recreating a version of the content and reaching out to webmasters who link to that content asking them to replace the broken link with a new link to your newly created resource.

So, Moz’s is a tool which helps you to find broken link building. It helps you in identifying the broken links and resurrection the pages to preserve the link juice.

#3. Convert Blog posts to Videos
Convert your blog posts into videos for advertisement through social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook. It helps you to get more traffic on website.

#4. Answering & Question on Quora
Quora is similar to Yahoo Answers, it is yet another platform where one gets to know the precise, correct and well-informed answers to their question by a set of expert contributors. You need to do is answer the question related to your niche and add your blog’s link.

#5. Convert your blog posts to slides
Convert your content into presentable PowerPoint slides. Write good quality of content and convert into slides and you can showcase the PowerPoint on Slides Share and at the same time invite other bloggers to use your presentation.

#6. Convert Implied Links into Real Links
There are a lot of place in the Internet where you can post but not linked. You can use this to your advantage and get backlinks by asking them to turn that mention into a link.

#7. Guest Posting
Guest posting is an excellent way to earn some quality backlinks. First you need to find well-reputed blogs or website where you can guest post. Contact with blog or website owner.

I’m sure by this method you will get quality of backlinks. There are a few things you need to take care of that you need to discussed in detail in the forthcoming sections of this article.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Building Backlinks

Here are a few things that you should always keep in mind while building backlinks.

#1. Never forget social media
As I already discussed, social networking sites can also help you in earning backlinks and boosting your overall ranking in search engine.

For example, Pinterest is a good website with high DA 90+ that allows you to add one link to your profile.

Similarly, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn where you can create a company profiles and can add one link to your profile.

#2. Generate quality backlinks by Inviting others Bloggers
Invite other bloggers on your blog is an entire strategy to build backlink to your website. This will not only build your relationship with other bloggers but would also help you in increasing your domain authority. The chances are high that when you invite other bloggers, they will link back to your posts, thus providing you with free exposure.

#4. Focus on quality of content
Always maintain quality of content because all the inbound links in the world will not rank your site if you lack quality content.

Techniques to Avoid

Techniques to Avoid

Always create backlinks manually to avoid a penalty like Google Penguin

Here, I am listing few things which you need to Avoid

#1. Purchasing Cheap Links
Always avoid buying low-quality links period.

#2. Churn & Burn expired domains
This method makes use of the recently expired sites. It is type of site set up which you set up for yourself with minimum effort. Always avoid it.

#3. Comment Spam
Avoid leaving low value and undersized comments along with the links on the blogs related to your niche. This method might be earned you some links but would not add any value. Stick to high quality blog comments on blogs associated with your niche.

#4. Article Spinning
Article spinning is a process of creating a quick content by copy someone and by changing some words here and there. It can produce articles quickly but lacks quality and you need to avoid it.

Always keep in your mind that building quality backlinks and boosting the domain authority of your website is a slow and steady process and takes time.

#Important Tips

If you are wondering that with the help of backlinks, we can get more traffic and increase domain authority also we can rank our blog or page in search engine. Then my answer is “Yes” but some time “No”.

Why No.

According to my experience I think if you don’t have more or good backlinks you can also rank in search engine.

Here, I am going to write some tips which I am using to write a content in blog post.

#1. Think before write, What I am going to write? Why I am writing this post? What should I write in this post?

#2. Find few keywords related to post which you are going to write.

#3. Make a list of content.

#4. Download or make at least 2 to 3 pictures related to your post (remember pic should not copyright).

#5. Now, start to write post.

#6. Use heading where you have required.

#7. Use bold font letter where you think this word or sentence is important for readers.

#8. Quality of post should be good and easy to understand.

#9. Write proper and short description for post.

#10. After writing post check once everything is correct or not. If something wrong, correct it.

#11. Now published the post and share in social network.

#12. If you follow all the above tips your post can be rank without backlinks.

I am using these tips to write post for blogger website and no my all post ranking but 50% my post ranking on search engine and I am getting good traffic.
So, you can also use this tip.

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