6 Hurbal Methods To Redeem Holi’s Stubborn Color

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Use These 6 Herbal Methods to Redeem Holi’s Stubborn Color

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Holi is an important festival of Indian and Nepalese people which celebrated in the spring. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated in Phalgun month. This festival is known as festival of colors and it is traditionally celebrated for two days. Mostly this festival is celebrated in India and Nepal. This festival is also celebrated in many other countries where minority Hindu people lives.

Holika is burnt on the first day, which is known as Holika Dhan. On the second day people make Holi or we can say that people throw colors on each other. It is believed that on Holi, people forget their old bitterness and get hug and they become friend again. The color of each other and coloring plays till noon. After bathing, after wearing new clothes, people went to friends or relative house to meet each other in the evening, get hugs and feed sweets.

The joy of Holi becomes gritty at that time when next day the color stuck on the face but does not leave. When next day we went office and feel ashamed to take a red-yellow face in front of the boss, then this year leave the tension. Yes, because today I came with 6 such herbal methods which will help you to rescue the stubborn on the face, without any side effects. So, what’s the matter of late, let’s us know how to get rid of the stubborn color painted on the face with Holi at home.

Hurbal Methods To Redeem Holi’s Stubborn Color


You may be surprised to know that the cucumber used for salad but it is also used for reducing the colors. Let’s know how, to get rid of the color first make juice of cucumber and add some water also a spoonful vinegar to the cucumber juice and prepare the paste. Now apply the paste on you face. After 10 to 15-minute wash the face with cold water. The color of the face will also disappear and the skin will also get scent.

What you know that by using of lemon and flour, you can easily clean the color on the body. Yes, it is possible. Let’s know how, to redeem the color of Holi with the face, mix lemon and milk in the gram flour and place it on the color face. Put the paste on face for 15-20 minutes. After that wash the face with lukewarm water and color will disappear from you face.

Badamajou flour
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Badamajou flour and almond oil used to relieve the stubborn color on the body. Holi color can be cleaned by putting this oil on the skin. Also mix a little raw papaya, mulatani mud and a little almond oil in the milk. Wash the face with water after about 30 minutes.

Zinc oxide

You know that zinc oxide is a chemical name but it is used for redeem the Holi color. To get rid of the dark color on the skin, mix two teaspoons of zinc oxide and two spoon castor oil and make the paste. After that apply this paste on the face. After a while, rub lightly with light hands and wash your face. After 20-25 minutes wash your face with soap. The color on your skin will descend. Keep in mind that when paste applying on the face, do not rubbish the face too much.

You can also use radish to remove color from your face. First you need to make radish juice after that mix with milk and gram flour and make paste. Applying this paste on the face and wash after 15-20 minutes. This paste can be used in any part of the body.
Orange peel

The orange peel is also very useful method to remove Holi color from the face. You need to make paste of orange peels, grind lentil pulses and almonds with milk. Apply this paste on your face and wash with water. Your skin will be cleaned.

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