Rahul Gandhi promises Rs 72,000/Year minimum basic income to 20% poorest families

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Rahul Gandhi’s Masterstroke Before Election 2019, Announced the Minimum Income Plan

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In the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has run the master stroke of 25 Crore peoples in the country. Congress President Rahul Gandhi promised to launch ‘Minimum Income Scheme’ (NYAY) to give 20 percent of the country’s poor people every year to 72 thousand rupeesannually after coming to power. Congress has named the scheme ‘justice’. Now to see whether Rahul Gandhi can win the hearts of the people of this country through this plan?

The Congress was successful in winning the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarhassembly elections through the debt waiver announcement of the farmer. That is why Rahul Gandhi has declared ‘NYAY‘ to conquer the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

After the air strikes, the Congress was seen on backfoot and the BJP was eagerly awakened. In such a scenario, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has made big money in the form of a Minimum Income Scheme (NYAY).It is believed that Congress has tried to get 25 crore people directly in the country through this scheme, living below the poverty line.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi promised a minimum guaranteed scheme under which if Congress comes to power then Congress will give 12 thousand rupees per month to the Congress government. Rahul Gandhi said that the poor people in the Modi government for five years have been miserable. Now we will judge them in such a way. Rahul said that we had committed the MNREGA and now the income will be guaranteed.
Rahul said that we will eradicate poverty. Our point is that if you are working then the income should be at least 12 thousand rupees in a month. In India if there is less income than the minimum income, then it will be an attempt to increase the income. Which can be withdrawn from poverty. It will remove 25 million people from poverty in second phase. We will bring this plan forward and show it.
Taking a dig at NarendraModi, Rahul Gandhi said that the politics of Prime Minister has two HindustaniFlag. An Anil Ambani flag and another for poverty. In the 21st century India has to remove poverty in this country. This is not a scheme, it is now the last stop on poverty. He said that we will not let two Hindustan become, it will be the country of both rich and poor. I want to respect the poor also.
The Congress exercises are aimed at wooing the poor sections in the forthcoming elections with the help of this scheme. In such a situation, after the implementation of the ‘Minimum Income Scheme’ (NYAY), what will erase poverty from the country? Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave slogan for Garib Hatao in 1971. The Congress had the advantage in its election. In such a situation, Congress will get political benefits in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, it will have to be seen.
According to the model given by Economic Survey 2016-17, the poverty line in the country has not been properly evaluated. While 22 per cent of the population was said to be poor by the Tendulkar formula, the then Rangarajan Formula, which came after it, said that 29.5 per cent is 36.3 crore people below the poverty line. At the same rate of per capita expenditure was also improved from Rs 27.2 in 2012 to 32 rupees in 2014-15. While this expenditure has been increased from Rs 33.3 to Rs 47 per person for urban areas.

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