World’s first Country where Google will Deliver of goods to the Drone

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Google’s Wing drones approved to make public deliveries in Australia

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If i tell you now you can get your order from drone at your balcony. Then you will tell you No it is not possible.

But the truth is.. It is going to possible.

Read, how and where it is going to possible.

Regulatory approval comes after an 18 month trial and 3,000 deliveries.

In Australia, official approval has been given to start the delivery of some goods from the drone. According to the media report, Australia has become the world’s first country where official approval has been given to deliver food or goods from the drone.

It is being said that now people can have to bell in their balcony too. The drones can deliver goods directly to the balcony. Australia’s aviation regulator Civil Aviation Safety Authority said on Tuesday – “We have approved the delivery of Wing Aviation Pvt Ltd to the drone issued in North Canberra.”

According to the media report, the drone company ‘Wing’ has emerged from Google’s parent company Alphabet. Wing said that he has been testing the supply from the drone for the last 18 months and now he is able to run this service all the time.

The company said- “Drugs are being supplied with food items, medicines and locally produced coffee and chocolate. So far, more than 3,000 deliveries have been done and regulators have found this system safe.

Delivery will be delivered from 11 to 12 hours in a day. All of these drones will be run from the remote, not the ones running by themselves. Wing says that this facility will reduce traffic and pollution. Also, time will also be saved.

Wing became a full company underneath the Alphabet corporate umbrella last year alongside the likes of waymo and loon after having previously been classed as an X moonshot project. In december, Wing accounced that it was launching a trial service in finland where it would offer 10 min deliveries for free within the country’s capital.

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