How to Create a Free Business Email ID

how to create free business email id

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Set Up Free Business Email Address In Less Than 5 Minutes

Hello, if you have a website or company and you want to create a business email id with your company name or website name than you are in right page because I am going to discuss various method by which you can create a business email id.

There is various method available to create a business email id. I will discuss some of them which is easy for you. Our topic is how to create free business email id so here I will discuss only free method.

What is business email id?

A business email id is an email id that represents a company. It consists of name / designation of employee or a department name followed by the name of company.


Why business email id is important?

A business shows a professional email id which is associated with the company. It also represents that designation of employee or department name of the company. If you applied for google Adsense than a business email id play an important role to get approval of Adsense.

Here are top reasons for having a business email address:

Appear professional to customer – For your business to be taken seriously, you need to have coherent professional banding which includes email. Every employee should have an email address with the same domain to maintain your company professional.

Increase brand awareness- A business email id uses your domain name which always includes your business name so every time an email is sent your company brand name shown in the email id to the customer so it’s increased the brand awareness.

Build customer loyalty – A professional business email id not increase only brand awareness but this makes customers more likely to do business with you.

How many methods to create a business email id?

There is various method available to create a business email id. Some of them are free and some are paid. If you want to spend money for business email id than you can but if you don’t want than read this post which help you to create free business email id.

What I need for business email id?

You should have one email id which associated with Gmail or any other Gmail. Here I am going to show you how to create business email id by using GoDaddy and Gmail.
How to create a free business email address?
Now, here I am going to tell you the process to creating business email id show follow the step-by-step.

There are various options available to create business email address but I found two great options for you. You can use either Bluehost or Zoho. Bluehost is best for businesses that need web hosting, domain creation and a free email address while zoho is best for those who have already domain hosting and they want a free business email address.

Set up a free business email address account with Zoho.
Step 1: First login in your GoDaddy, big rock, wix, WordPress etc. website from where you purchased the domain than Go to My Products option as shown in the below figure.
business email by using zoho mail

Step 2: Click on Manage All option under Work space Email.

Step 3: After clicking on Manage All option next screen will show like that where your all Domain will show which you purchased from GoDaddy. After your Domain name Create Forward option showing. You need to click on the that Create Forward option for which Domain you wan to create Business email id.

how to create email id

Step 4: Now a box will appear, In Forward this email address – you need to enter your business email id which you want like, [email protected]or [email protected] Here I wrote [email protected]

After that, in second boxTo these email addresses- you need to write those email address in which you want to transfer you mail e.g. write your Gmail ([email protected])or yahoo mail in this box and when someone send mail to [email protected] than you will received you mail into you Gmail id ([email protected]).
After that click on Createbutton.

Step 5: Now Click on Tools (Step1)server settings (Step2)
Step 6: When you will click on Server Settings than a box will appeared where written No Mx records were found but here showing Your MX records are correct because I already make one business email id but when you create first time then you need to do some DNS setting.

Step 6: DNS Setting- Go to you My products – Click on DNSSetting.

Step 7: Now you need to do some DNS setting. First copy ( from MX records (Show step 6). Go to your DNS Management – Click on Add option

dns management

Step 8: Fill as per shown in the below picture
Type- MX, Host- @, Points to- Paste you copy code (, Priority- 10, Click on SAVE.

create zoho mail

Step 9: Again, click on Add option in DNS Management. Before that copy second MX records (
Now follow the step as shown in below picture.
Type- MX, Host- @, Points to- Paste second copy code (, Priority-0, Click on SAVE.

Step 10: Now refresh your GoDaddy page and check your Mx records. Now it will show Your MX records are correct. (For check MX record see the step 6)
Step 11: your setup for [email protected] has been done. Now send one mail to this email id [email protected] (you need to send on that email id which you create).

Remember when you will send email to [email protected] then you will received mail in that email id which Gmail id did you connect ([email protected]).

Now if someone send you email on business email id you will received.

But wait….

If you want sent mail from business email id than you can’t send because you need to do some more setting which I am going to discuss.
Setting for send email from business email id:

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Search ZOHO mail on Google and open first link.

Step 2: Click on SIGN UP NOW


Step 3: Ignore all paid plan because I am taking about free so scroll down and go to FREE PLAN and click on GET STARTED

Step 4: Enter your website URL and click on ADD
Step 5: Fill the registration details. In Administrator account you need to type your business email id which you create. After filling all the information click on PROCEED option.
Step 6: Click on SIGN UP option and you will received one OTP on your mobile number which you have entered. Enter verification code and click on VERIFY MY MOBILE
Step 7: Click on Remind me later.

Step 8: Now select those websites from where you purchased the DOMAIN. I am selecting GoDaddy because I purchased Domain form here.
Step 9: Now click on CNAME method and go to you GoDaddy account.
Go to My products and then click on DNS options.

Step 10: Go to your ZOHO page and copy the code which is written below the Name/ Host/ CNAME.

Step 11: Now go to your GoDaddy page, click on Add option and select CNAME on type box. Paste copy code on HOST and copy another code from ZOHO page which is written below the Value/ Points To/ Destination. Paste these codes on points to box on GoDaddy page and click on SAVE.

Step 12: Again, go to your ZOHO page and click on Proceed to CNAME Verification and then click on verify now.

Step 13: Now write help in the next box and click on create account.

Step 14: Now click three times on skip option which is below in the right corner and now you need to set TXT Value.

Step 15: Again, go to you GoDaddy account – My products- DNS- click on Add option – Select TXT on type box, select @ on host box, copy value code from your ZOHO page and paste on TXT Value box and click on SAVE button.
Step 16: Now sign in your Gmail account (login that Gmail account in which your received mail form business email id).

Step 17: Click on Gmail setting option- Accounts – Add another email address.

Step 18: Add your business email id ([email protected]) and click on Next step.

Step 19: Now asking SMTP Server so you need to type after the smtp like ( and select 465 in port option. In username box you need to type your business email id and enter that password which you have entered in ZOHO mail during the sign up and click on add account.

Step 20: Now you will receive a verification code in your business email id. You have entered that verification code and click on verify.

Step 21: Now all the setup has been done.

Now you are able to send email through your business email id.
So, go to you Gmail account and compose a mail. You need to select business email id on from section and write those emails in which you want to send the mail and send it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common business email address formats?

A business email address uses the employee’s first name, last name or combination of first and last name or use the help, contact, info etc. For example, if your first name is raj and your business name is tech then your business email will be [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] .

What are the best business email providers?

There are many business email providers are available but it’s depends on you which one do you like most in term of price, storage, feature. But I recommend Bluehost and Zoho main which is best business email providers.
Is it being safe for using free business email id?

Yes, it is safe. Because when you create a business email id then know one known that you are using free or paid business email id. Even Gmail, Yahoo and Rediff mail are also free email service so don’t worry you can use free business email id.

If you have any question then you can drop your message on the comment box.

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