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google adsense approval trick

Hello everyone, if you are searching for How to Get Google AdSense Approval Quicklyor How to Get Google AdSense Approval in the first attempt and some time you search about Google AdSense approval tricks so you have landed on the right page and today you will get your all the answer.

In this post I will not talk about only Google AdSense approval tricks even I will tell you my personal experience how I get Google AdSense Approval. What kind problem I faced.

So, I request to all reader who came on my page please have patient and take one cup of coffee because this post is going to long.

And one important thingafter read this post definitely you will get your AdSense Approval and after Approval you will think yes that guys was right.

So, without wasting your important time let’s get started…….

Table of Content

1.My Blogging Journey with AdSense
2.Types of Google AdSense Account

3.How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2019

4.Important Tips for Google AdSense

My blogging Journey with AdSense

So, readers as I told you today in this post, I will not talk only about AdSense approval Tricks even I will talk about My personal Experience about Google AdSense so I going to share my Blogging Journey with AdSense.

I stared my blog 1 year back when I saw on internet that you can earn money from blogger then I make a blogger and write 2 to 3 post. Then after I searched on internet how can I earn money after make a blog website. So, when I read term and conditions then I skip because first we need domain and that time, I have no laptop no computer.

But, after two year again I started my blog and I bought one domain and create a blogger website which is “Everything In google”.

I didn’t search about what kind of domain name should be buy because after research I found that for good traffic your website domain name should be unique and people search about.
Now my real journey of blogger was going to start because I have domain and a blogger website.

I started write content on blogger and I wrote maximum 15 content. After 10 days I got message from blogger that you turn into profit that means now you can add your blogger website with AdSense account.

I applied for AdSense Approval and next day I received mail from AdSense that you AdSense request rejected and you need to fix some error on your website.

I checked my blogger website everything was right but still I changed my blogger template, edit my content and again I applied for AdSense.

Again, and again my AdSense approval rejected. I was confused what happing with me. I did everything correct then why I am not eligible for AdSense.

So, when I searched about this on internet that if you are facing problem to get approval then apply with another AdSense account.
Therefor I applied again with fresh and another AdSense account and still I was waiting for AdSense approval. Every time I check my email but no mail form AdSense finally I loss my hope.

But, after 14 days I received one mail from Google AdSense that congratulation your AdSense has been Approved.

Finally, I got AdSense Approval. So, this is my journey with Google AdSense.

Types of Google AdSense Account

There are two types of Google AdSense account;

Hosted Google AdSense Account

If you are applying for AdSense ad platform via Google property including blogger or YouTube then this account is called a Hosted AdSense account. If simple word we can say that if you have YouTube channel with AdSense approval and now you are applying for blogger website then this type AdSense is known as Hosted Google account. Where the revenue share is relatively less as compared to the Non-Hosted AdSense Accounts.

This is YouTube Channel AdSense account and here you can see your AdSense is Hosted or Non-hosted.

Remember, you can apply for Hosted AdSense account using YouTube channel too. However, after recent change in monetization policies of YouTube. You will need minimum 4000 watch hour and 1000 subscriber in 12 months.

Non-Hosted Google AdSense Account

When you are applying for Google AdSense with self-hosted web properties like a self-hosted blogger website or WordPress blog, this type of account is known as Non-Hosted AdSense account.
This account gives you more revenue share compared to the Hosted AdSense account.

You can choose any one option for Google AdSense either Non-hosted or Hosted account.

Always remember, if your Non-Hosted account is monetized then apply for Blogger Website or WordPress blog other wise you will get always rejection mail.

Now, I am going to share method that how we can get Google AdSense approval with self-hosted blog.

Let’s start step-by-step

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2019

Are you planning to build a Google AdSense website or blog?

Then wait!

Because, I have something for you which will help you to get Google AdSense approval in first attempt and you can make lots of revenue with Google Ads.

Niche Selection for AdSense Website

I hope you are not just planning to get only Google AdSense approval but also planning to make a full-time income so you should be careful while choosing the niche for your site.

Might be some niche website already taken by someone and build a site around it. Still this tip will help you a lot

Here are the 10 most profitable niches for Blogger
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Weight Gain & Weight Loss
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Fashion

You can choose any one niche and start blog. 

Important of Niche Website: you can reduce the competition if you choose a Niche website because already these types of website are no search engine and getting more traffic everyday so it helps you to get success in few months.

I personally suggest you pick a niche that you are passionate about or at least write some super amazing content on a regular basis.

Even I did not choose a niche website because that time I do have knowledge about that but after experience I made another blog website with niche and you know I get success in only one month.

Yes, it is possible, my second website is related to Government job because I’m from India and there are many people everyday search about job so I make this website and my most of post is ranking on google so I always recommended to you choose a niche website.

Keyword Research

If you want to get Google AdSense approval in first attempt or make money by using other monetization methods including Affiliate Marketing, sponsored Ads then keyword researchis the most important part of the blogging.

But here I’m taking about AdSense Approval so it’s better to you find low competition keywords with high traffic and good CPC.

it’s not easy to find profitable keywords and ranking in search engine when you are working in the competitive niches.

However, you can use free as well as Premium keyword research tools and create a list of profitable keywords and write everyday one new content.

While you are searching profitable keyword then make sure those keywords should be less competitive in terms of CPC, SEO as well as PPC.

So, I have already written a post regarding how we can find profitable keyword so if you want to know then click here to read –

Domain Selection

A domain name is a label that identifies a network domain a distinct group of computers under a central administration or authority. So, choose it very carefully

It doesn’t really matter what’s your domain name or from where you buy domain.

Here, I’m giving some simple step to choose a domain……

#1. Get a custom domain like, .COM, .IN, .NET, or .ORG etc extensions. Avoid using free domain. It’s completely up to you from where you are buying domain.

#2. Short and unique domain. The lengthy domain names of more than 15 characters are often hard to remember so always choose short domain name like or not

#3. Find expire domain because sometimes expired domains for a website is a great option to get initial SEO boots but make sure it does not have any penalty or bad links.

Best tip: if you find a good expired domain with DA/PA of more than 50, then you can earn form the sponsored posts or guest posts apart form the Google advertising revenue.

Purchase Web Hosting

You can host your site with free platforms like Blogger but in long-term a self-hosted website will prove the best option for you. You can safe you all data if you have web hosting.

One positive benefits of web hosting that you will get complete control and flexibility.

That’s way try to purchase the web hosting for your website.

There are many services available who providing web hosting in cheaper price so you can check and find web hosting.

Replacing Nameservers

Once you have purchased domain and hosting then you will received email form those providers from where you purchase domain and hosting.

Now you need to do some setting on DNS and change nameservers and more setting.

These setting are important because when anyone search your website then it should be work properly.

Installed SSL Certificate on Your Domain

The next step is installing SSL Certificate for your domain. As site ground offers free let’s encrypt SSL, you can enable it in just a couple of clicks.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization detail. When installed on a web server it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Generally, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins details.

SSL certificates bind together: 

A domain name, server name or hostname.
An organizational identity and location.

Install Blogger Theme / WordPress Theme

By default, when you create a website in blogger or WordPress then they will have pre-installed theme, if you like those themes you can continue with this theme.

However, I had suggested you go with a mobile responsive, SEO friendly and SEO optimized them which is specially designed for boosting your site’s engagement and ultimately the revenue form Google Advertising.

There are many themes available some is free and some is paid. If you are using paid theme then you can customize your theme as per your choice. But if you are using free theme then they have some limitation.

I had suggested you can use anyone one paid or free theme.

If you have blogger website then don’t worry, I have great option for you. I already written a post about best and SEO friendly theme for blogger so you can read this post.

Create Important Page

If you want to get Google AdSense approval in first attempt then you need also create some page in your website
  • About US
  • Contact US
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Policy policy

A contact Us Page

When you create a website and start posting content on it, you may get the diverse reactions from all users.

And, if users want to share their feedback or suggestion there would not be a better option than a dedicated contact us page.

That’s way you need to create a contact us page on your website so that anyone can share feedback and contact with you.

When Google AdSense team will be reviewing your application, they understand you are providing authentic content and actually care your readers and not just for AdSense revenue.

For Help: you can refer my contact us page too

A privacy policy Page

A privacy policy page is another important page for your website.
Google wants a Privacy Policy page on your AdSense website because it tells users what they should do and don’t while browsing your site or how you are going to treat their submitted information and on page activities.

It gives the sense that you are serious about your business and have a professional mindset.

There are many sites available in the internet from where you can get a privacy policy page also you can refer my privacy policy page.

About Us page

About us page is also important page.

An about us page tells people who are and the real purpose of your blog. You can tell your blogging story or you can share your experience about blogger life so that when ever any readers read your story, they will think really these guys is hardworking and might be when they read then he/she can subscribe you.

This page alone plays a major role in getting Google AdSense approval and I think you should be creative while crafting this page.

A term and Conditions Page

This is another important page for website.

In this page you will write about your term and condition about your website.

You can refer my terms and conditions page.

Add menus to Your Website

Once you created all important pages add them to menus.

You can add this page in your upper menu or below menu of your blogger or WordPress theme.

Create Social Handles of your website

You may have your personal Facebook and Twitter fan page but now it’s time to create a dedicated FB fan page, Twitter Handle, Instagram account and Pinterest for your accounts.

Social plugin also helps to increase traffic in your website and revenue from Google Ad network.

Make sure every channel has a professional profile photo and custom cover matching the identity of your website.

It’s also helps to get AdSense Approval quickly.

Create & Submit XML Sitemap

Your AdSense website is ready but search engine spiders (bots)need to crawl it to index and rank in SERP.

There are many web master tools available where you can submit XML site for Crawl and Index your page i.e. Google search consoles, Bing, Yendex etc.

The best option for that is adding your website to search consoles of Google. Even I am also using Google Search Consoles.

If you want to create and submit XML sitemap for blogger then you can read my this post-

Executing SEO Strategies

I know, you did all the thing which I tell you and your content & website is ready but SEO is an ongoing process. Without SEO knowledge you can not rank your page as well as your website on search engine.

That’s why you should do the following SEO activities on regular basis.

#1. Keyword Research

#2. On-page SEO activities including image optimization & keyword optimization.

#3. Rank tracking.

#4. Competitors Analysis.

#5. Off-page SEO including Link Building, Social Bookmarking & PDF submission.

Get Initial Traffic

Before applying for Google AdSense approval, make sure you have at least daily traffic of 100 unique & different visitors on your website.

Google Advertising is a pure business and it’s depends on the quality traffic.

Now, the question is how I can get more traffic on website.

So here are a few traffic building tips for you

#1. Focus on your content quality and On-page SEO. If your website or page SEO is good then may be your page rank in search engine and if your content quality is good then visitors can share your post with any other and you can get massive traffic on your website.

#2. Join some niche related Facebook groups, forums or communities and try to engage with people, offer them help and post the only high-quality relevant contents on a daily basis.

 #3. Learn about Pinterest traffic building. The new player in the social media game but giving thousands of targeted traffic from all over the world.

#4. Find best keyword and write content on that keyword. It’s helps to get more traffic on your website.

#5. Your content should be easy to understand for readers.

Appling for Google AdSense

If you followed all above steps and getting massive traffic, go to the AdSense website and apply for a brand-new account.

Now you can apply for AdSense approval and definitely you will get the approval of AdSense.

Important Tips for Google AdSense 

When you are creating an AdSense website and following the standard procedure from writing best quality content to getting revenue, you should always remember a few tips as mentioned below.

No self-clicking or group clicking (this is violence of Google AdSense policy and might be your AdSense account banned).

Check content niche and language.

Always avoid Plagiarism(this is also violence of google AdSense policy).

Remove ads from other ad networks while applying for AdSense and don’t add them until you get fully-approved AdSense account.

Do not buy or sell account.

You should not have two google AdSense account unless the first one is closed and you need to notified AdSense team about it.

Always follow the Google AdSense program policies and content guidelines.

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