Blogger vs WordPress – Which Platform to choose (2021)

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There are many platforms available for blogging in the Internet, where you can easily manage your blog and content.  But the most important question is which blogging platform is right for youBlogger vs WordPress vs Tumbler, it is the three most popular blogging platform. 

Apart from this, there are many platforms on the internet but we cannot discuss all of them. If we go to discuss about all of you then you will be confused and you will not be able to choose the right blogging platform or best blog sites. 

So today in this post I am going to talk about the two most important blog sites which is Blogger vs WordPress.

In the initial stages, many newbie bloggers start their blogging with Blogger (Blogspot), after which shift to WordPress blog. This does not mean that Blogger is not the right platform.  Even today, there are most popular blog sites that are in the blogger platform.

My recommendation is that if you are about to start a new blog or create a free blog, then you start with Blogger for one to two months, after that when you understand something about Blogging, then you can shift to WordPress again. After that you should create your self-hosted WordPress platform blog or WordPress website.  You can use Blogger (Free Blogspot) because it is free or best blog but do not use blogger for long.

I advise you to start blogging in blogger first because I too started my blogging on blogger first.  But when I got knowledge about blogging, then I shifted to the WordPress site.

In this article, I will share a quick comparison of Blogger vs WordPress and tell you in which case you should choose which blogging platform.

Let’s know in detail which online blog is the right platform for blogging and which platform we should choose.

Blogger vs WordPress: Which platform should you choose?

Blogger: Why not?

Blogger (Blogspot) is a very useful and free blogging platform. When you want to start a new blog or free blog websites, blogger is the right platform for you. Where you can share your thoughts with other people.

If you don’t want to do Blogging for money or you want a blogging platform where you don’t need to much technical knowledge, then Blogspot website is the right place. Where you can make your own blog or personal blog sites.

Blogger has many limitations in terms of functionalities or SEO benefits, but overall if you want a blogging platform that costs you zero, then blogger is the right choice.

On the other hand, if you want to do blogging for money or branding, then Blogger is not an ideal choice. The biggest reason for this is that you get limited control for visibility in the search engine and after some time you have only a few limited features left to add.

You must have heard that Blogger is Google’s platform, so we will get more advantage in ranking in it. So, it is not correct. If you have read or heard this, then remove this thing from your mind. It is not possible that without SEO your website will be ranked in the search engine.

It does not really matter which platform you are choosing in Blogger vs WordPress. Whether it is WordPress or Blogger or any platform, SEO depends on how you have configured your site for the search engine. In Blogger platform we have limited control and limited features due to which we are not able to customize our website for SEO.

WordPress: Why and Why Not?

WordPress is a platform that most people use today for blogging, not just for blogging, but if you want to take a business online, then WordPress is the best platform. 

The biggest reason for this is that WordPress provides you a lot more features than blogger. You can also get a lot of options for SEO in WordPress. This is why most people use the WordPress platform.

In WordPress you get many plugins which makes your work very easy. Like writing content, customizing it for SEO.

If you want to do blogging with WordPress then you have to get domain and wp hosting for it. For which you have to invest money from 1500 to 2000. It depends for how many years you have been buying domain and hosting. The only difference between Blogger vs WordPress is that you can start blogging in Blogger at 0 cost, but you have to spend some money to start blogging in WordPress.

In the beginning, you should choose which platform in Blogger and WordPress.

I advise you that if you are about to start a new blog, then you should start with blogger for a few months.  First you learn that what is blogging. Things to invest for blogging What is SEO, how to write an SEO friendly content. When you get the idea about all these, then you can shift to WordPress. Shifting from Blogger to WordPress is very easy. Just follow some steps in it.

I am giving you advice because if you invest money in the beginning, that too without understanding anything, then maybe your money is vested and I do not want you to let the money go in such a way. So, you start blogging from blogger for a few months.

I hope you now understand what platform you should choose in Blogger vs WordPress.

Here is a handy chart from HowJoyful, explaining the feature differences between Blogger vs vs (Self-hosted WordPress)

CostFree software, but you need to pay web hosting and domainFreeFree
Level of customization allowedFull: You can transform it to look like a website or blog, set up slideshows, and PHP, JavaScript, etc.Medium: You can customize the CSS file purchasing and upgrade normally $40-$50/yr but it will only change the style sheet and fonts, so you can’t run a custom theme.Full: You can transform it to look like a website or blog, set up slideshows, add PHP, JavaScript, etc. but the capabilities are more limited.
Set Up LevelYou will need to set up a database and then install the WordPress software in your host.Only requires you to set up an account. You can have multiple blogs under the same account.Only requires you to set up an account. You can have multiple blogs under the same account.
Software UpdatesYou have to manually update the software and plugging, you will get a notification on the dashboard when a new version is available.The update is automatic for the software, not plugging allowed.Automatic updates and usually they will notify you in the dashboard when new features are added.
Allow pagesYes, UnlimitedYesUp to 10 Pages
Supports widgetsYesNo, Does not support 3rd party scripts or most html codes.Yes
Custom DomainYes, You have to set it up with a custom domain. For example – (, You can link your domain ( to your blog paying about $20/yr, your default link is something like (, You can link your domain ( to your blog paying about $20/yr, your default link is something like (

According to Matt Cutts: Blogger or WordPress for SEO?

Matt Cutts is not just Google’s Engineer but he is also the head of Google Web Spam Team.  He is among those who tell us and everyone what expert Google does from a website and how the search engine works.  Here I am sharing a video of him, in which he has told about Blogger vs WordPress.  You must watch this video.

Which is better in terms of SEO: Blogger or WordPress

Credit: MattCutts

MattCutts also uses the WordPress platform for their personal blog.  He has also mentioned that Blogger is good for new users.  WordPress gives you more power and you can customize it as you like.

If you talk about SEO then both are the same with a default installation. The default installation of WordPress is not SEO friendly. But you can make it SEO friendly by using the plugin.

The Blogger platform is great if you want a simple blog, and the WordPress platform is amazing if you want professional blogging.  If you want to take your business online and earn money from it, then WordPress is the best.

Blogger vs WordPress: Why WordPress is better?

Even, I started my journey to Blogging with BlogSpot, and later moved to WordPress site. So, I know very well about benefits and downside of BlogSpot, and here I’m not going to talk about any benefits, as WordPress offers all those features which BlogSpot offer.

1. Control over you blog site:

This is one of the major reasons I support self-hosted blog. BlogSpot is owned by Google, and there are chances that they can delete your BlogSpot account without giving you any warning. Even, if you use the custom domain feature (Using your domain name) on Blogger site, chances are high that if spammers use feature flag as spam and report your blog as spam.

Google might be removes you blog. This is something very common, and by doing a quick search on Google, you will realize many bloggers faced this problem while using BlogSpot.

Sometimes, Blogger users faced problem related to features of Blogspot, like in this Blogger platform you can’t add table of content directly, you can’t make a responsive table, and sometimes users get confused that where I use H1, H2, H3… heading. So, in terms of features you will also realize many bloggers faced this problem while using Blogspot site of free site.

Winner: Self-hosted blog

2. Search engine optimization:

It doesn’t matter where you blog site is hosted; traffic is the first and last thing which any blogger wants on the website. Search engine optimization is simple three word and meaning of these three words is optimizing your blog for search engine and getting traffic from search engine. If we compare WordPress and Blogspot, WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in Blogger you are limited to certain settings.

WordPress provides you SEO plugins like Yoast SEO plugin, Rank Math SEO plugin, and All in One SEO plugins which help to optimize you site.

Again, winner is: WordPress

3. Plugin and Support:

As I mentioned above, WordPress gives more features as compare to blogspot, like the plugin and strong community to get support.

When I was using BlogSpot, I spent lost of time editing my theme to show related posts and adding such features. WordPress makes your life east using simple plugins for everything you need. By using plugins, you can do anything, and if not, you can take help of WordPress support forum to get the custom code and extend the capabilities of your blog.

4. Theme and templates:

Blogger offers many free templates but gives limited features, and if you want to use more features of blogger templates then you have you buy the template. But, In WordPress you will find unlimited free and premium WordPress theme. Moreover, since you have FTP access, you can alter the complete look and feel of your WordPress theme.

5. AdSense:

AdSense is the lifeline for any blogger who is looking forward to making money from his blog. Initially, Blogspot used to be the best way to get your AdSense account approved, but later on, it’s becoming tough to get your AdSense account with Blogspot.

With WordPress and your domain email address, getting your blog approved is very easy.


I told you about Blogger vs WordPress in this post.  You must have got an idea which platform you should choose for blogging in both these platforms and why?

I hope I have been able to explain the difference between Blogger vs WordPress.

Which platform do you use and why?

If you have any questions?  request? If so, you can tell me by commenting. If you liked this post, then share it. You can also connect with my Facebook and Twitter

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