How to Remove Ads from MX Player on Android Phone?

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Are you looking for how to Remove Ads from MX Player Android App, then you’re on the right page?

Today, I’m going to share two easy ways to remove ads from MX Player App.

MX Player is one of the most popular video player app and OTT services for Android phones. It was launched as a video player in 2011 on 18th July. It is currently owned by Times Internet.

MX player offered both video media player and OTT service or online media streaming service. When it was launched then no ads were showing but now it is currently operated as ad-supported business model.

That’s reason ads are showing while streaming your favourite show or watching your video in the media player.

However, if you’re interested to see ads during watching video you can enjoyed. But, if you don’t want to see ads during watching video and you want to completely remove ads from MX player platform, then continue with this article.

There are several kinds of Ads served through the MX Player App:

  • Interstitial Ads
  • In-video Ads
  • Full Banner Ads
  • Half-banner Ads
  • Link Ads
  • Notification Ads

If you’re not interested with their creepy ads in your notification bar, then follow our tutorial to disable notifications of an App in Android Phones.

But if you want to see ads during watching video and want to remove Ads from MX player completely then follow the steps shared below:

Remove Ads from MX Player App

First Way: Install MOD App

In this way, you’ve to uninstall official MX Player and Install MX Player MOD App. Just follow few steps to Install MOD App on your Android Phone:

#1. Uninstall current MX player App

In the first step, you need to uninstall the current MX Player App from your Android phone to remove Ads from MX Player. If you don’t know how to uninstall an app on Android, follow this tutorial.

To uninstall the app, go to setting >> App & notification >> Click on MX Player and then click on Uninstall.

#2. Download MX Player MOD App

Remove Ads from MX Player Android App

After uninstalling the official MX Player App from your Android Phone, you need to install the MX Player MOD app which is created by LunaDev to remove Ads from MX Player. This app is not available in the play store, for downloading this app, you need to go to the MX Player MOD App by RazerMods and download the APK file from there.

#3. Install MX Player MOD App

Install MX Player MOD App

After downloading the MX Player MOD APK file, you need to install it. If you don’t know how to install the MOD APK file on your Android phone, you can follow these steps which I’m going to shared with you.

Open downloaded MOD APK file, then it will ask you do you want to install then click on Install.

Now it will ask you the permission to allow the Unknown sources from your Android phone settings. You’ve to go setting and allow that option.

Once you’ll give the permission, installing will be start.

#4. Enjoy Ad-free MX Video Player and Online Streaming

After successful installation of the MX Player MOD app, you need to open it and enjoy ad-free video player and online streaming. If an MX player is available in your country, you can stream the movies and shows, but if it’s not get a VPN for yourself and enjoy streaming online by choosing INDIAN servers.

Benefits of using MX Player MOD App:

#1. No Advertisements: This MX Player MOD App will remove Ads from MX Player App.

#2. Reduced App Size: After Installing MX Player MOD App, it will remove useless code and makes it lighter than official MX Player.

#3. Removed Useless Permissions: MX Player MOD App removes the useless permissions from the app which makes it more secure.

Second Way: Use Pro Version of MX Player App

mx player pro version

This is true that MX Player as being a free product, as it doesn’t cost anything to install it from Google Play Store. However, one thing that everyone should keep in mind is that nothing in life is free, and this is especially true of apps for your smartphone or tablet.

If any company investing lots of money to make app so that users can use it. But the truth is that without any reason no one invest money. That’s the reason MX Player running ads so that he can earn money.

But if you don’t to see creepy ads while you’re using it. You can use pro version of MX Player to remove ads from MX Player App.  

The purchase and installation of this version of MX Player give you the ability to watch your favorite videos without interruption. To ensure that you’re downloading the right ad-free version of MX Player. To download the pro version of MX Player you need to search “MX Player Pro” in the Google Play Store. It will cost you $5.99.

Here is Review of MX Player Pro Version:

review of mx player pro version


As of now, by using two ways you remove ads from MX Player App, so enjoy streaming Movies and TV shows. I hope you liked this article.

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