How to Claim WordPress Website on Pinterest (Step by Step Guide)

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How to Claim a Website on Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social platforms for driving traffic to websites or blogs. It can be possible only when you claim a website on Pinterest. Verifying your website on Pinterest will unlock many features of Pinterest like Pinterest analytics, ads program, stats for your photos, and many more.

Also, verifying a WordPress website on Pinterest is an important part of maximizing the opportunity to send traffic back to your website and content.

The process of calming a website on Pinterest is slightly technical but not very hard. You can do it easily by following the step-by-step process in this article.

In this article, we will show you how to claim a website on Pinterest.

As you know, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms to share your infographic photos, videos, and other types of content. It allows you to create an account and manage images like Instagram or Flickr.

If you’re a beginner in blogging or running a successful blog, then Pinterest can be an important source of traffic. To gain traffic from Pinterest to your WordPress website you need to verify the website on Pinterest.

Clam’s website on Pinterest will help you learn more about your visitors using Pinterest Analytics. You will also be able to join in their ad program and plan a strategy to grow your Pinterest traffic.

Even, if you’re running an affiliate website then you can share your product on Pinterest and increase your revenue.

Let’s a look at how to Claim a website on Pinterest.

How to Claim a Website on Pinterest – Step by Step Guide

Before we start, you’ll need to upgrade your Pinterest account to a business account. Actually, Pinterest has two types of account Pinterest business account and Pinterest personal account. Under personal account, these features are not available that’s the reason you need to upgrade your account.

The Pinterest business account is free and easy to set up.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Upgrade Your Pinterest Personal Account to Business

First, you need to log into your Pinterest account and click on the down arrow at the top right corner of your screen, and click on “Settings”.

Upgrade Your Pinterest Account to Business

When you click on the “Settings”, new screen will open. Now click on “Account Settings” at left side of your screen.

how to upgrade pinterest business account

Scroll down the page and click on “Get started”.

How to Claim a Website on Pinterest

Once you’ll click on “Get Started”, new screen will open. Where you need to click on “Create a linked business account”.

Create a linked business account

After click on create a linked business account your account will be upgrade to Pinterest business account.

Now you need to build your Pinterest business profile where you need to type your “Profile name”, “Website URL”, and “Country” and then click on “Next”.

build your pinterest business profile

Note: If you don’t want to convert your personal account, then go ahead and create a new business account on Pinterest.

Step 2: Claim a Website on Pinterest

To claim your WordPress website, you need to go to the down arrow from the top right corner and again click on Settings.

Upgrade Your Pinterest Account to Business

On this page, you need to head over to Claim section in the left menu and enter your website URL.

claim website

When you click on the Claim website button, it will display three methods that you can use to claim a website on Pinterest (Add HTML tag, Upload HTML file, and Add TXT record).

claim a website on Pinterest

We’re choosing the Add HTML tag option because it is easier. However, you can also download HTML file and upload it to your website’s rood directory other wise you can add TXT record to your domain provider.

Step 3: Add HTML tag in Your WordPress website

There are multiple ways to add a HTML tag to your WordPress header, but we will only cover the two easiest methods.

First, you need to install and activate Insert headers and Footers plugin.

insert header and footer

You need visit settings >> Insert Headers and Footers page in your WordPress dashboard. In the scripts in header section, you need to paste the HTML tag and click on the Save button.

paste the HTML tag

The second method is directly adding HTML tag to your theme header section. For adding HTML tag, go to your WordPress dashboard >> Appearance section (left side of WP dashboard) >> Theme editor >> header.php and then paste HTML tag code below the <head> section. After paste HTML code click on Update file.


Once the HTML tag is added in your website’s header section, you need to go back to the Pinterest screen and click on the Continue button in the popup. It will now ask for confirmation to send your site to review.

Normally, the process takes 24 hours, and you’ll get an email about the verification of your website. Once it’s done, you’ll also see the confirmation on Claim Website section in Pinterest.

claim website confirmation in pinterest

After claim a website on Pinterest, you can use Pinterest tools like Pinterest analytics, ads program, image stats, and more. You can also add Pinterest Pin-it button on your blog images, so the visitors can share your photos on the Pinterest boards.


I hope this article helped you learn how to claim a website on Pinterest. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to share.

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