Top 7 Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free 2022

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Are you looking for the best sites to watch Tamil movies online in HD for FREE, then you’re in the right place?

After analyzing several movie streaming websites, I finalized the below sites using which you can watch Tamil movies online in High quality for free even without sign up/registration in 2022. Many Tamil movie websites provide both streaming and downloading.

I recommend these sites to be able to view old and recent Tamil movies online. Some websites aren’t accessible directly. Accessing these sites might require you to use a VPN. But most websites can be open straight away.

Let’s see the Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free.

Top 7 Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free

Below is a short description of some of the best places to view Tamil Movies online for free. You will also find links to the websites that allow you to watch Tamil Movies online at no cost.

  1. YouTube (Best Site)
  2. Hotstar (Best Video Streaming Service)
  3. Hungama
  4. Zee5
  5. MxPlayer
  6. Tamilplay.in (Tamil movie downloading site)
  7. Amazon Prime

This is the top 7 Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free.

List of Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free

YouTube (Best Site)

YouTube is one of the best sources of entertainment. YouTube has a lot to offer, including music, funny videos, songs off albums, movies, and educational material.

YouTube is not the best option if you are looking for new Tamil movies. However, if you love old Tamil films, you can find them easily by using the search box. Movie quality can vary from movie to film.

Just two steps are required to view Tamil movies on YouTube. First, you need to search the film and then hit the play button. It’s optional to sign up.

Apart from Tamil movies, you can also see Bollywood movies, Hollywood films, South Indian dubbed movies, etc. YouTube is the Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free.

Hotstar (Best Video Streaming Service)

Hotstar premium video streaming service
Image Source: Hotstar

Hotstar, a premium video streaming service, allows you to access media content for free. It can be your one-stop shopping if you’re ready to spend some money. This site will enable you to stream all channels of TV, including sports and movies. And it also allows you to watch the live news.

You can find all Tamil movies in the Tamil section. Also, some Tamil movies are premium movies that are tagged with the Premium logo. Hotstar doesn’t have any filters. Finding a suitable film for you can take a while. As with other movie streaming websites, you can also search.

Based on TV channels, TV shows are classified. Here you can see any movie, including Hindi and Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, and English. Hotstar makes it easy to use. However, Hotstar is the Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free.


hungama best site for online tamil movie in high quality
Image Source: Hungama

Hungama allows you to download and watch Tamil movies online. It is a premium platform, so you will need to sign up for their plan to view any film.

Hungama does not only offer Tamil movies. It also provides all Indian language movies and TV programs. The database of movies is vast—professionally designed websites.

Filters make it easy to find any movie. You can first sort movies by language, then genres. This website beats other movie websites when we talk about the best sites to watch new Tamil movies online with high quality. It is also expensive. It is not for everyone.


Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free
Image Source: Zee5

Zee5 India is the most popular Indian video-on-demand service. Although you are not required to register to watch movies, you’ll get additional benefits.

This service offers Tamil movies and English, Bengali (Malayalam), Kannada, Telugu, and Kannada movies.

In addition to movies, you can also catch popular TV shows, such as Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai (Kum Bhagya), Kumkum Bhagya (Happu ki Ultan Patan), etc. Under top 5 lists, ZEE5 is one of the Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free.


Image Source: MxPlayer

Mxplayer has the best website to watch Tamil movies online. This site features a massive selection of Tamil movies that are in HD quality. Every day, the site posts new TV and film episodes. It’s interesting to see the different versions of the website interface. 

If you have poor vision, you can switch the dark mode to your preference. If you click on the gear symbol at the top-right of your interface, you will be able to select between the languages.

Tamilplay.in or Tamilplay.com

Image source: tamilplay.in

Tamil play is another best site for downloading Tamil dubbed movies in HD quality. Tamil play is a popular site for downloading all the latest Tamil movies.

Tamil play is also famous for downloading Bollywood movies, Tamil dubbed Telugu and Malayalam movies. Tamil dubbed Hollywood movies, Tamil play movie, Bollywood movies download Tamil play com. They provide direct download links for Tamil movies dubbed with high-quality resolution.

You can download Tamil movies in 1080p, 720p, 480p dual audio. There are tons of websites available to download Tamil films, but someone knows about this site. So, if you are looking to download a Tamil budded movie, then Tamilplay.in and and tamilplay.com are the two best sites.

Tamilplay.in provides you to download movies for all years such as you can download Tamil 2021 movies, Tamil 2020 movies, Tamil 2019 movies, Tamil 2018 movies, Tamil 2017 movies, Tamil 2016 movies, Tamil 2015 movies and so on.

Amazon Prime

amazon prime video
Image Source: Primevideo.com

Amazon Prime is the most popular website for streaming online video, and it is famous all over the world. Nowadays, people prefer to watch an online movie on an OTT platform, and Amazon Prime is the best OTT platform to watch all the latest new films.

Amazon prime is a paid platform where you have to pay monthly or yearly charges to access movies and tv shows. But if you are willing to play subscription changes, you can use 30 days free trial.

Here you can watch all the latest Tamil movies online. If you want to download the film, you can also do it, and it will save on your prime account and any time you can watch the videos.

Conclusion About Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online In HD For Free

The list is complete. I hope these websites will be a favorite of yours and that you’ll enjoy free online Tamil movies with your loved ones. Everything in Google readers receive the best-working sites from me daily.

Let me know, in the comments, which site is your favorite for watching Tamil movies online free in high-quality.

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