6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa

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6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa
6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa (Image Source: Canva)

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa: Go back around five to six years ago and think you have a smart TV with remote control. What will happen if the remote control is lost anywhere. 

You have two options, First, find the remote, and second buy a new remote. But now, it’s a real luxury to have a smart TV that uses voice commands. 

If you’ve Alexa and smart TV, then it doesn’t matter you have a remote or not. Because with the help of Alexa, you can control your Smart TV like TV turn on/off, change the channel, volume up/down, and more. 

This article is about how you can connect Samsung TV to an Alexa device. Also, at the end of our topic, I will give your few important commands to control your Samsung TV through Alexa. Now see 6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa.

Let’s start with a simple question.

Can I Use Alexa To My Samsung TV?

The answer is clear, YES! If you bought your TV in the last three years.

Especially, All the Samsung TVs are Alexa-compatible if you bought them between 2018 to 2019.  And if you bought Samsung Smart TV recently, then you’re in even more luck because current Samsung smart TVs have Amazon Alexa built-in. 

Is 2018 & 2019 Samsung TVs Are Alexa-Compatible?

Yes! It is. But you’ll need to buy Alexa smart device and pair it with Samsung TV, For example, an Echo Dot, Echo Show, or any other Alexa-enabled speaker. It will take few minutes to connect Samsung TV to Alexa.

2020-2021 Samsung TVs Have Alexa Built-In

For 2020-2021 Samsung TVs, you’re all set out-of-the-box since you have an Alexa speaker built into your TV.

The only thing you have to do is connect Alexa Smart Speaker with your TV settings. After that, you’ll be able to use Alexa voice commands to control your Samsung Smart TV.

Now, learn more about how to connect Samsung TV to Alexa Smart Speaker.

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6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa

Step 1: Prepare your devices.

First, make sure that your Samsung TV and your Amazon Alexa device are set up and working. Once you finish the first setup on the TV and the Alexa device, you’ll need to make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Also, you need to set up the TV as a smart device in the SmartThings app if you haven’t yet. To do this, sign in to your Samsung account on the TV.

Step 2: Set up the apps.

Download the Samsung SmartThings app (for Android & iOS) and the Amazon Alexa app (Android & iOS device). If you’ve already this app, then skip this step.

Ensure that you log in to both apps with the same account information you used for your Samsung TV account and your Echo’s Amazon account.

Step 3: Connect your Samsung TV to the SmartThings app

You’ll need to connect your Samsung TV to the Samsung SmartThings app. To do this, click on the Device option, which is available at the bottom of the app. 

Tab on add device; once you’ve found the Device, pair your SmartThings app to the Samsung TV. Select the Samsung Smart TV and use the toggle button next to its name to use it as a smart device.

Step 4: Connect your smart speaker to the Alexa app.

Also, you’ll need to connect your Amazon Echo, Echo dot, other Amazon smart speakers to the Alexa app. In the Alexa app, select the Devices button from the menu at the bottom of the home screen. 

Once you tap on Device, all Alexa devices will be shown; then, you’re all set. If not, open the All devices menu option and find your Alexa on the list of available connected devices.

Step 5: Connect Samsung SmartThings to the Alexa app.

In the Amazon Alexa app, enable the Samsung SmartThings skill, and sign in with your Samsung account to link the accounts.

Step 6: Select your Samsung TV in the Alexa app

It is the final step towards Connect Samsung TV To Alexa. Once you’ve enabled the Samsung SmartThings skill on the Alexa app, your Samsung TV will automatically pair to Alexa. 

CongratulationsYou’re all done. You just connected your Samsung TV to Alexa. 

Now you can use Alexa Smart Speaker to turn on/off, volume up/down, change the channel, and even control media playback with basic controls like rewind, pause, and play. 6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa has been done successfully.


As I told you initially, I will list some important commands to control Samsung smart TV from Alexa smart speaker. So, in the next section, I’m going to list important commands for Alexa.

Important Alexa Commands for Samsung Smart TV

Power Controls:

  • Alexa, turn on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, turn off [Device Name]

Replace the “Device Name” with the name you’ve assigned to your TV!

For example, I have set “My TV” name, then I will tell Alexa, turn on My TV. Also, If the device name is “Living room TV,” then say Alexa turn off the living room TV.

Channel Controls:

  • Alexa, next channel on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, change the channel to [#] on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, channel up / down on [Device Name]

Replace “#” with Channel Name or “Device Name” with Assigned name. For example, the Channel name is HBO, and the Device name is Samsung TV, then I will say Alexa change HBO on Samsung TV.

Input Controls:

  • Alexa, change the input to HDMI1
  • Alexa set the input to [name]

Volume Controls:

  • Alexa, turn the volume up [#] on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, lower the volume on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, volume up on [Device Name] by [#]
  • Alexa, change the volume to [#] on [Device Name]
  • Alexa set the volume of [Device Name] to [#]
  • Alexa, mute [Device Name]
  • Alexa, unmute [Device Name]

Playback Control:

  • Alexa, play / pause / resume / stop [Device Name]
  • Alexa, fast forward / rewind on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, go forward / back on [Device Name]
  • Alexa, next song / photo / video on [Device Name]

Replace “Device Name” with the Assigned name. For example, My Device assigned name is Samsung TV; then I will say Alexa Play Samsung TV

Conclusion About 6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa

I hope you liked 6 Easy Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Alexa, and you have successfully connected your TV with Alexa Smart Speaker. Also, you have Alexa commands to control Samsung TV. If you don’t have Smart TV and decided to buy it, click here to buy a new Samsung Smart TV.

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