4 Easy Methods to Fix not enough memory resources are available to process this command error

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Are you getting this error? Not enough memory resources are available to process this command, and don’t know how to fix it? Then don’t worry!

In this article, I will discuss four different easy methods to fix this error. You can use any of them to resolve such a problem in your Windows 10 operating system

This error occurs when there is insufficient memory to access any system file command you enter, usually in CMD (command prompt). It may also happen at the time of installation of any new software.

Sometimes you can see such errors failure when attempting to copy boot filesfix boot access deniedSystem Service Exception or Windows Installation Encountered an Unexpected Error, etc. Every problem will resolve by reading this post.

The error, not enough memory resources are available to process this command usually comes due to stopped Windows core services caused by corrupted system files or malware infections. 

Now let’s move to the solution.

For what reason, not enough memory resources are available to process this command error comes.

When you read this error message carefully, you will find this error occurs due to “enough memory.” There are many other could be for this command error; here’s the list:

An error may occur due to:

  • Wrong memory allocation on the PC.
  • Range of IRPStackSize.
  • Antivirus software
  • Inappropriate allocation of resources for network access
  • Many more.

Well, all your problems will resolve; read this tutorial till the end.

Method to Fix not enough memory resources are available to process this command error

These methods have been tested in various cases, and we were able to resolve the issue quickly. If one way does not work, we recommend trying the next.

Before you move on to the significant fixes, try this method. In many cases, the users can resolve this critical issue in this way. Must try first!

Restart the PC– Some processes may become unresponsive due to prolonged use. Restarting your computer will reset the PC and any memories that can be used to fix this problem.

Memory required– Windows OS is installed on the Drive. It has enough memory. The Drive should have at least 30GB of memory available.

Install the pending Windows updates – Make sure you are checking if Windows Updates are available for installation.

If your problem does not resolve, move to the next method.

Method 1. Fix Error By Deleting Temporary Files

As you surf the web, temporary files are automatically saved to your computer. Sometimes they can cause conflicts with the system files and result in a “not enough memory resources available to process this command” error.

Temporary files are unwanted and should be deleted. You also have the advantage of freeing up space on your hard drive by deleting temporary files.

Follow the following process to delete temporary files.

  • Press Windows + R key from your keyboard.
  • Run box will open on the bottom left corner of the screen.
run command box
Run Command Box
  • On the open box, type %temp% and hit OK
delete all temp files from computer
Temp Files
  • The temporary files will open, where you have to select all files (press CTRL + A key to select all files) and hit the delete (🗑️) button from your keyboard (⌨).
  • All temporary files will delete from your computer.
  • Restart your PC and check if the issue is fixed or not. 

If your problem does not resolve, then move to the next method.

Method 2. Fix the Error With Command Prompt

If the first method doesn’t’ work, let’s try to fix this problem using a command prompt. This method will use some commands to scan the PC for potential problems and automatically fix them.

Fixing the problem using a command prompt is one of the easiest methods because you have to run a simple command, and the system does the rest.

Follow the following steps:

  • Type “cmd” on the type here to the search box (bottom left corner). You will see Command Prompt. Right-click on the command prompt and select run as administrator.
command prompt run as administrator
  • Once you click run as administrator, a box will open where you have to hit yes. A command prompt box will open.
sfc scannow command
  • On the command prompt box, type sfc/ scannow and hit enter button. This command will run the PC file check and repair corrupted & missing system files. In some cases, when you run this command, you may encounter “Not Enough Memory Resources are Available to Process this Command” yet again.
  • It could happen because of a problem with the Windows image. We can fix it with DISM (Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management) Tool.
DISM tool
  • Type this command and hit enter.
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Wait to complete the process. It may take some time. Once the process is completed, restart the PC and check if the error is fixed. If not, then move to the next method.

Method 3. Fix it by Using Registry Editor (IRPStackSize Range)

Registry editor is one of the most effective methods to fix this command error. It is also known as IRPStackSize Range, which means Input/Output stack size range.

The size range of IRPStackSize is accountable for the allotment of memory to execute various processes.

Increasing IRPStackSize Range to 20 from the registry editor can resolve this issue. Here’s how it works.

  • Type “Registry editor” (very bottom left corner on your screen) and open it. It will ask permission, hit “YES.”
redistry editor
Note: To open Registry editor, you can also follow these steps: Press the Window icon + R key from your keyboard. A run box will open on the left corner of the screen. On that run box, type “regedit” and hit OK. It will open the Registry editor.
  • Now, Navigate to the following registry folder.
registry editor
Registry Editor
  • If you cannot see the IRPStackSize entry, you must create it by right-clicking anywhere on the space. Go to New, and select DWORD (32-bit) value. Name it IRPStackSize.
how to create RIPStackSize
  • Double click on IRPStackSize, and the Edit DWORD (32-bit) value box will open. You must type 20 under “value data”, select Decimal under Base, and then hit OK.
Note: We recommend you try a slight increase for the value first. Come back to this registry entry to increase the value if not enough memory resources are available to process this command problem persists.
  • After following all the steps, Restart your PC and check if the problem is resolved. Most apparently, you’ll be able to. In case it doesn’t, enter a higher value than the current one, press OK. Restart again to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 4. Fix the Command Error using Windows 10 installation disk

If none of the above work, we recommend performing an upgrade repair using Windows 10 installation disk. Here are the steps.

First, you have to prepare a bootable Pendrive (if you don’t have the Windows 10 Installation disc). Follow the following steps to create a bootable pen drive.

Step 1: Take an external hard drive or a USB flash drive (with at least 8GB free space).

Step 2: Visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10. Click on the download tool now to download the media creation tool.

Step 3: Insert the external hard drive or USB flash drive, and run the tool to create Windows 10 Installation Disk. Wait to complete the process, and your bootable pen drive will be ready.

Step 4: Run setup.exe file from pen drive. Also, you can follow these steps to run the setup file ( Windows + R Key > type taskmgr on the run box > Click file > Run new task > browse setup.exe).

Step 5: Select upgrade Windows 10, and deselect check for new updates when asked during the setup.

Step 6: Choose if you want to keep all your files.

Step 7: Follow the next step carefully and complete the process.

Step 8: Restart your PC and see the error; not enough memory resources are available to process this command is still coming or not.

I’m sure; after this method, your command error problem will be resolved.

Final Thought

I highly recommend you to use methods 1 & 2 to resolve this problem; not enough memory resources are available to process this command. First of all, Apply the method first, and after that, use the method second.

Because these two are most helpful. Well, you are accessible to all of the methods. I hope this article helped you to fix your command error problem.

After applying all these methods, please mention your problem in the comment box if your problem will not resolve. 

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