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AvatarBuilder 3D Animation Video Maker App Honest Review + OTO Overview + Discount + Price + Pros & Cons

AvatarBuilder Review: Are you looking for an honest review about Avatar Builder? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Would you please read through my honest AvatarBuilder review?


In this tutorial, you’ll see AvatarBuilder Honest Review, Pros & Cons, Is AvatarBuilder worth. It can use the Avatar Builder app and make money with the Avatar Builder app and more.


This AvatarBuilder 3D Animation video maker app honest review will help you make the right decision before purchasing Avatar Builder, and it’s right for you.


Without any delay, let’s see AvatarBuilder 3D Animation Video Maker App Honest Review.

AvatarBuilder 3D Animation Video Maker App Honest Review

AvatarBuilder Review - An Overview

avatarbuilder discount

AvatarBuilder Review : What is this?

avatarbuilder commercial (1)

AvatarBuilder is an artificial intelligence cloud-based application that helps create 3D animation videos in any language in minutes. The advanced AI innovative builder turns any text into stunning videos for your own business or clients.

Thousands of pre-built video templates and hundreds of voices in all popular languages make an awesome video.

The AvatarBuilder is popular text to speech video maker app because it comes with tons of features. If you are looking for a 3D animation video maker or text to speech video converter, you must go with the AvatarBuilder app.

AvatarBuilder is profitable video maker app because without any video creation experience you can make an awesome videos and make 100% profit by selling those video to your clients.

“AvatarBuilder is your solution to make attention-grabbing captivating and stunning videos in a matter of minutes with no cost.”

With the help of Avatar Builder, you can create:

  • 3D Animated Videos
  • Turn text-to-speech videos
  • Educational videos
  • Promotion videos
  • Ecommerce videos
  • Sales videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Presentations videos for business

AvatarBuilder is the only app that saves lots of money and replaces voiceover and spokesperson artists.

It also helps in increasing sales and leads without any experience, fancy equipment or being on camera.

Who is the creator of AvatarBuilder?

Two people are responsible for this success story of Avatar Builders. One of them is Paul Ponna, and the second is Sid Diwar. Paul Ponna is the founder of the AvatarBuilder, a prestigious tech businessman, author, speaker and expert in his field. He is from Canada and has been in the business for over 14 years. He also started several million-dollar SAAS businesses.


Sid Diwar is the co-founder of Avatar Builder. Sid Diwar is also a tech-savvy entrepreneur with extensive expertise. The software developer and is also from Canada. He is responsible for advertising campaigns and product concepts. This is the main reason behind the popularity of Avatar Builders.

AvatarBuilder Review – Features

It has tons of advanced features few of them are given below:


  • AI Advanced Smart Builder – Advanced artificial intelligence builder, turns any text into stunning videos. You can create a fantastic video for your businesses or clients. You can make studio quality videos by just copy-paste within minutes.
  • Pre-Built Video Templates It comes with thousands of pre-made video templates that give videos a beautiful look. 
  • Award-Winning Text-to-Speech You can make videos in any language with hundreds of voices in all popular languages and accents.
  • Logo Mapping Features Add your brand logo to render videos and boost credibility and sales.
  • Unlimited Transitions & Video Backgrounds It comes with unlimited free video backgrounds and dynamic scene transitions. 
  • Render Video in HD Quality You can render video in high-quality 720P to attract audiences.
  • Copyright Free Content It has many copyright-free images, videos, and music to spice up your videos. You don’t have to spend extra money to buy it all.
  • Multilingual Speech-to-Text – The best thing about this AvatarBuilder is that it allows creating video in different languages. 
  • Unlimited Video Render: It has no limits to creating videos. You can render unlimited videos with AvatarBuilder. 
avatarbuilder commercial discount

AvatarBuilder Commercial (Unlimited) – Benefits

AvatarBuilder is your way to creating attention-grabbing unique, captivating and studio-quality videos in a matter of minutes with no cost.


Videos surpass any other type of content on the internet and are essential to your success.


Overtake your competitors and achieve the best results by using 3D animated videos and the latest talking avatars.


It has many benefits some of them are given below:


  • Attract new customers.
  • Get Free Traffic
  • Turn Boring videos into sales machines
  • Boost your brand exposure
  • Slash your advertising costs
  • Save time and money
  • Skyrocket sales and leads
  • Double your ROI
  • Nothing to Install
  • Work on Any Computer
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • No Subscriptions or Restrictions
  • Keep 100% of the Profit

AvatarBuilder Review – Pros & Cons



AvatarBuilder Full Features Demo

Video Credit: avatarbuilder.com

Advanced Features of AvatarBuilder Commercial

Personalize your video – Produce step-by-step custom videos from scratch for any marketing goal within minutes. You need to paste your text and turn it into a stunning video with advanced artificial intelligence. No design or skills are necessary to render videos.


Design video by text effects and animations – Splash your video by adding pro-quality text effects and animations videos. Doing this keeps the viewer’s attention. It can convert your product into a sale.


Close more sales – Secure your work, offer samples to customers to close more deals. You can do this by creating instant watermarks that you apply to your videos with a single click.


Copyright-free HD Quality Content – You can import your own media or choose millions of copyright-free music, images, and videos to improve the quality of your videos.

copyright free content

Commercial License – You can make money by selling your videos for $600 to $1000 each. The commercial license allows you to create unlimited videos for your clients and yourself with exclusive features—even no monthly cost is needed for this. Generate 100% profit from your videos.

commercial license

A glimpse of Some Sizzling Avatar Builder Hot Videos

Background Mockup Showcase

Desktop Mockup Showcase

Text-To-Video Showcase

Laptop Mockup Showcase

Why AvatarBuilder is Popular 3D Video Maker App

This video maker app is most famous because it has so many features that no other video maker can give you such features.

With this, you save a lot of money as you do not have to buy separate templates or images or music.

If a video maker gives you so many features, then what can be better than this. This is the reason why this video maker is very famous.

You can see in the list given below that no other video maker app can provide this feature.

avatarbuilder features

Who Can Use AvatarBuilder Commercial Video Maker App?

AvatarBuilder is a multi-purpose 3D animation video maker app with one dashboard so it can use by following of them:


Content Creators – You can make any content type video with the help of AvatarBuilder, such as product information related or descriptive type videos.


Authors – You can convert textbooks into videos and can sell your books.


Teachers – If you’re a teacher, you can take course-related videos so the student can easily understand your course by viewing your videos. Also, you can sell your course through it because it will help to increase sales.


Business Owners – Avatar Builder is the best app for business owners because you can make attractive videos with animated videos. People will understand your business perspective and can attract your customers.


Digital Marketers – If you’re a Digital marketer, you can use this app to make product videos. Customers purchase your product only the presentation of product will good. You can make awesome videos to describe your digital product and can get 100% profit.


Freelancers – You can work as freelancers and can make videos for clients. Nowadays, many peoples hire freelancers to make product or Ecommerce presentation videos. So, you can use Avatar Builder to create attractive videos and make a profit from it.


Bloggers – This app is also best for bloggers who write content. You can add a video to your content so people can spend more time reading your content. You can boost traffic to your sites.

How Does AvatarBuilder Work?

Avatar builder is very simple to use. All you have to do is follow a few steps to make a high-quality 3D animated video in any language within minutes.

As you would know, Avatar Builder is a cloud-based app; you have to log in before using it and access its features; you need to have a license key to use all the elements of AvatarBuilder. You can get it by purchasing the Avatar Builder commercial.

When you have done this process, you have to move on to making stunning videos for your own business and clients.

Note: Before you get started, must check the step-by-step tutorial that is include in AvatarBuilder.

Step #1: Choose Video Type

First, you have to select the type of video that you want to build. You can make different types of videos such as courses video, product review video, digital marketing video, blogger video and many more.

Step #2: Choose Video Template Style

The second step is choosing the template style of video you want to create, such as typewriter, desktop mock-up showcase, and many more.

All the template comes with built-in with professional voiceovers and scripts (pre-written).

You can select template style from the left menu bar. You can preview any template before deciding on it.

After selecting a ready-made template, move to the next step.

Step #3: Choose 3D Avatar

In this step, you have to select a 3D avatar. AvatarBuilder comes with tons of different 3D avatars. You can choose any one as per your choice.

Step #4: Choose Voice or TTS

Here you can see the different types of ready-made voice over for Avatar. Either you can choose TTS (text-to-speech) or record your own voice. 

You can select any language from the drop-down option. Also, you can set voice speed and pitch to make professional high-quality, stunning videos. 

Apart from this, you can choose background music for your videos. AvatarBuilder has copyright-free music. 

After choosing voice or TTS, move to the next step.

Step #5: Choose Text Position

If you’re making STT (Speech to text) video, you select the text position where it should come when anyone plays the video. 

Step #6: Video Settings

In this step, you can customize the avatar as per your choice. You can turn OFF or ON the hair, change the hairstyle, add or remove the beard, change the colour of eyebrows, change the dresses and do everything that makes your avatar look better.

Step #7: Customize Your Avatar

You can set the position of the avatar where and when it should come in the video. Also, you can add and select the font colours and positions. It totally depends on you how you want to customize your avatar style. 

Step #8: Create Your Video

After doing everything, give a project name, select the resolution type and hit create the video. 

Boom! You are done, and your video will start rendering. It may take a few minutes to complete the process.

Note: If you have the AvatarBuilder Commercial license key, then you can select 720p resolution. But if you want video quality in 1080p resolution, you have to upgrade your license to AvatarBuilder Agency. 

Step #9: Finalize Video

After rendering you can download the video form my videos section.

AvatarBuilder Review Software Demo Video

Video Credit: avatarbuilder.com

AvatarBuilder Review – OTO or Upsells Overview

Currently, AvatarBuilder has four upsells or OTO, and it comes with extra features. You don’t need to buy all of them, but you can go with an upgrade version as per your requirement.

#1 OTO - AvatarBuilder Elite

Get extra thousands of premium features worth $9,000 with AvatarBuilder Elite. Get it now at the special one-time price of $49; no monthly subscription is needed. 


AvatarBuilder Elite Review – An Overview


Get New 3D Avatars (Every month): AvatarBuilder Elite version will give you a 3D avatar each month without any monthly or yearly fee or subscription. You can customize avatar style as per your choice, like changing skin and hairstyle, the colour of clothes, and more. 


Premium Quality Content: You can create a mesmerizing video using premium text effects, animations and fonts with AvatarBuilder elite upsell. 


Millions of Copyright-free content: Create stunning videos using millions of copyright-free images, music, and videos assets exclusive to Elite customers. Other sites save more than thousands of dollars to buy these all content.


Background Removal Features: AvatarBuilder Elite version gives you extra features of background removal. You can make an attention-grabbing video that looks professional and add an extra spice to your videos.


Premium Slide Transitions: Create professional 3D animated videos with studio-quality transitions available for only AvatarBuilder elite customers.


200+ Premium Music Files Library: Get access to a premium music library to give a cinematic feel to your video and boost engagement.

#2 OTO – AvatarBuilder Agency

It is upgraded version of commercial and elite. AvatarBuilder agency comes with the most requested features such as double your video length, render video in 1080p resolutions, and more.


AvatarBuilder Agency Review Overview


Double Your Video Length (15 mins): AvatarBuilder agency allow you to create ultra-long video presentations, sales videos and education videos in any languages within minutes.


Render HD Quality Video: This version of Avatar Builder allows you to render videos in 1080p resolution. While commercial and elite version not gives this feature.


400 Ready Made Human Voice: You will get 200 human male and 200 female human voice overs. With AvatarBuilder agency and elite version you can now create videos with real human voice overs to sell your videos without paying for expensive artists.


Speech-To-Text transcription: The advanced built-in artificial intelligence automatically transcribes your audio file into text. You can create an awesome slide with a 3D animations avatar and quickly build a beautiful video for your own business or clients.


Custom Avatars save & reuse feature: An agency license customer can save custom avatars for future videos, while another regular license customer only builds unlimited custom avatars.


Simultaneously Account Access Features: AvatarBuilder agency license allow to work five people simultaneously to create videos faster than ever before.


150,000 Hottest Niches Scripts: You don’t need to spend more time to research or write video script because avatar builder agency will give you 150,000 pre-written scripts.


You just need to copy-paste the script and create beautiful animated video within minutes.


How to Sell Videos for Top Dollar: If you don’t have any experience or knowledge about selling videos course. No problem!


Because in the AvatarBuilder agency you will learn step-by-step about selling videos for top dollars.

#3 OTO - AvatarBuilder Template Hub

As name suggest, it is hub of templates. Template Hub license users will get new templates each month plus 500 ready-made templates immediately at low price.

#4 OTO – AvatarBuilder Voice Pro

You can get 100+ premium TTS voices in all top languages and accents. With this you can make voice videos like the voice in Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


If you’re running a business then voice pack is perfect to elevate your videos and boot your revenues.


AvatarBuilder Voice Pro Features:


  • 100+ Premium text-to-speech voices.
  • All major languages & Accents.
  • Natural Sounding Male & Female Voices.
  • 100% Compatible with AvatarBuilder.
  • Unlimited Usage Forever.

AvatarBuilder Bonuses List

You can get all bonuses free with AvatarBuilder Purchase. Here is the list of all bonuses that you will receive after purchasing AvatarBuilder.

Bonus #1 - Creatofy Video Maker

creatofy video maker

The creatofy video maker is powerful video app to create professional and creative animated videos for any business, events, ecommerce, live webinar invitations, product promos, video greeting cards, special limited time deals, appointment booking, customer loyalty videos and more.

It comes with a variety of video templates in various sizes and shapes so you can create video for any social platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and attract more customers with ease.

You will get creatofy video maker with the commercial license which means you can sell these video to clients for earning money. Also, you will get complete tutorial with step-by-step process.

Bonus #2 - Mockup Video Maker

mockup video maker

Never been released before. Get first access to this amazing video mockup creator app before everyone else.

Create amazing device mockups, product mockups to add an extra pop to your videos. Drag and Drop you logos and product images inside laptops, desktops, bottles, t-shirts and other elements with amazing animations and effects.

The best part is, you can upload these videos into AvatarBuilder to spice up your videos and elevate your brand!

Bonus #3 - Video Rank Engine

video rank engine

Video rank engine will help you to get millions of video views in minutes. You don’t have to waste time for finding high ranking keywords for your YouTube video.

Simply, enter your targeted keyword and video rank engine will generate thousands of high ranking keywords and copy what is already working and get thousands of views to your videos.

You can use the “agency license” included to rank videos for your clients and charge them for your services.

Bonus #4 - Ecom Video Maker

ecom video maker

Ecom video maker help you to make conversion tested ecommerce video using ready-made video templates that are designed to get more traffic and sales to any ecommerce business.

You will get this amazing video maker software with commercial license that allow you to create videos for your clients and run them as Facebook ads, YouTube ads and any other social media platform.

You can 10x your revenues by selling these video to ecom site owners in addition to videos you create with AvatarBuilder.

Bonus #5 - Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator

al logo maker

If you want to branding your business then your business logo should be professional and eye-catching. Well, you don’t have to invest $300 to $500 for your business logo because with the AvatarBuilder you will get free artificial intelligence logo creator software.

The AI logo creator help you to create professional and eye-catching logo. The unique built-in “Artificial intelligence” engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes.

Bonus #6 - Video Thumbnail Maker App

video thumbnail maker

Skyrocket your click-throughs and video views using this newbie friendly video thumbnail maker app!

Attract more customers to your videos and boost traffic, leads and sales. Perfect to get more results with the video you create with AvatarBuilder.

Bonus #7 - AvatarBuilder Video Mentorship Training

avatarbuilder training video

Learn how to sell your videos top dollar and attract more big ticket clients to sell the videos you create with AvatarBuilder. 

21 days of intense training training workshops will make you an expert.  This is a MUST HAVE if you want to get real results from your AvatarBuilder videos or any other video app you own.

Final Conclusion About AvatarBuilder Review

I hope you liked our honest AvatarBuilder Review. Now you can make the right decision to purchase a voice-over 3D animated video maker app.

AvatarBuilder is the best professional animated video maker app that helps to create attention-grabbing and studio-quality videos within minutes. Also, it boosts your revenue.

Use the powerful AvatarBuilder video maker now to 10X your sales, traffic and leads.

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