5 Simple Ways To Soundproof A Ceiling Without Construction

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Are you looking for how to soundproof a ceiling cheaply or soundproofing ceilings in an apartment? Then you have landed on the right page.

In this tutorial, you’ll see five simple ways to soundproof an existing ceiling without tearing up drywall.

Soundproof a Ceiling Without Construction

Before diving into the main topic (how to soundproof a ceiling without construction), let’s see the soundproofing material you’ll need to soundproof your roof to reduce footsteps or a married couple arguing noise loudly.

  • Acoustic foam panels – One of the safest and easiest ways to ceiling noise problem – Check Price.
  • Adhesive Spray – An effective solution to soundproofing the ceiling with foam panels – Check Price
  • Acoustic foam egg panels – Affordable and budget methods to prevent outgoing sound from being heard outside – Check Price.
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl – Prevent low and high-frequency noises – Check Price.
  • Green Glue – Budget way to soundproof a ceiling – Check Price.

Now, let’s see in detail how to soundproof a ceiling without construction.

Types of Ceiling Noise

5 best ways to soundproof a ceiling
Soundproof a Ceiling, Photo: Pexels.com

Before soundproofing your existing or new ceiling, you should know about types of ceiling noise to eliminate with soundproofing.

Two types of ceiling noise create noise in an apartment.

  1. Structural Noise: Moving through your floorboards, walls, and ceilings, the sound of structural vibration occurs when an object has direct contact with a thing.

This impact sends sound waves through the affected surface, and is why you can hear the sound of the footsteps of your feet or dropping objects up the stairs.

2. Airborne Noise: As the name suggests, airborne sounds travel through the air. To move such noise requires a solid medium—for example, your wall or ceiling.

The hard surfaces can’t absorb noise completely. That’s why sound travels through walls and into other rooms.

5 Simple Ways to Soundproof a Ceiling Without Construction

1. Use Acoustic Foam Panels

acoustic foam panels
Acoustic Foam Panels

One of the popular and safest solutions to soundproof a ceiling without construction is acoustic foam panels.

Acoustic foam panels help to reduce outside noise problem. It comes with affordable price to everyone, and easy to instal.

Before soundproofing a ceiling in an aprtment, you should know everything about acoustic foam panels.

There are various types, colors, patterns, thicknesses and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings acoustic foam available on the market.

It comes with different purpose. There are some that are good for home walls, others are great for recording purposes in the studio and finally, there are foam panels excellent for the ceiling.

You can also use this acoustic foam in air vents to block outside noise.

Here are some acoustic panels for the ceiling that are a combination of good price and great quality.

If you ceiling area is large, then you can buy in more quantity. For better look you can go with colors acoustic foam panels.

If you don’t know how to install acoustic foam panels, you can watch this video.

Video credit – EXOcontralto

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2. Use Adhesive Spray

The adhesive will come when you buy Acoustic foam panels. The glue will allow you to stick foam on the ceiling.

In case if you will not receive the adhesive, you can use spray adhesive.

The spray adhesive not only helps to fix and strengthen foam panels quickly. Even it provides a layer of defense as well.

Moreover, the adhesive is not made only for soundproofing purposes. You can use it for various types of gluing.

It is straightforward to use and bond together plastics, cardboard, paper, and much more quickly.

You won’t have a hard time taking off your DIY soundproof ceiling insulation.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use it again when you move – this is perfect for tenants who don’t own the apartment or house.

The adhesive is powerful. We recommend its use in conjunction with all safety measures.

Once you’ve secured the foam panels onto the ceiling using this adhesive, you’ll not be concerned about them randomly falling off the top.

Put it this way; spray adhesive is the best solution to soundproof the ceiling without using foam panels.

Use General Purpose Spray Adhesive

3. Install Acoustic foam egg panels

We could consider that these Acoustic foam egg panels are part of a group of foam panels with one minor difference: they are designed to fit on the ceiling.

At first glance, they may appear ugly. The name says. Basically, they’re panels with an egg-like appearance.

Egg surface has been proven to be exceptionally effective in noise soundproofing. The more rough the surface, the more insulation it offers.

In addition, they are very thick, and therefore, they provide excellent insulation. You can, however, use these panels for recording purposes in your studio.

It will not only block the incoming sound from your home but the outgoing sound from being heard outside, too.

One thing is sure when you install these devices, you and your neighbors above can debate all night, and you’ll sleep comfortably.

There are numerous styles of egg-shaped foams, So make sure you choose carefully before purchasing as you don’t want to cause a mess in your dream room.

Use Acoustic Foam Egg Panels for Soundproofing a ceiling without construction.

4. Soundproofing Ceiling Using Mass Loaded Vinyl

mass loaded vinyl
Photo: Amazon.com

Sometimes, acoustic panels may be weighty and bulky. In addition, I will confess that their style is often difficult to judge.

If you like the look of your space over sound, then you may be a victim of the acoustic foam panels.

So, if you’re looking to preserve the interior and style of your space intact, it is recommended to use vinyl mats.

They can be the ideal solution to both and make the interior soundproofed the room while simultaneously.

If you’re looking to do some severe soundproofing on your ceiling to keep yourself safe from noisy neighbors, vinyl is the best option.

Keep in mind that vinyl mats can be the answer, not just for an unfinished ceiling. They could be useful for walls, floors, offices, cubicles for office work computers, mechanical rooms, etc.

To help with this, I would recommend Soundsulate Mass Loaded Vinyl as one of the top vinyl mats available.

It will cost you around $10-$20.

If you use this vinyl on the ceiling, you can make your room soundproof as much you want. It will help you to reduce the transmission of vibrations and bass.

Mass vinyl is the best material for absorbing sound and protecting from noise. The installation process of vinyl is straightforward.

First, measure the dimension of your ceiling and cut vinyl with a sharp knife. You don’t need to be an expert, which is why I’m suggesting using mass-loaded vinyl.

5. Use Green Glue to Block all Holes in the Ceiling

As light, sound can travel through anywhere.

Sometimes, we ignore the little hole in the ceiling. But these holes allow passing the sound.

If you live in an apartment, most appropriately, these holes are most probably created for passing wires or installing other equipment.

So, if you want to soundproof your room, then blocking holes in the ceiling and the floor is an important part.

To block the hole, you can use green glue or install cardboard.

Use Green Glue Noise proof Compound.

Conclusion About Soundproof a Ceiling Without Construction

In soundproofing a room, the ceiling plays a crucial part. So, if you want a soundproof room, then you must soundproof your ceiling.

To soundproof your ceiling, you can use these five simple ways that I discuss in the article.

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