Myth About Soundproof Curtains | Do they really work?

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There are lots of myths about soundproof curtains. Most people think soundproof curtains are not good sufficient to block outside noise. While some of them say, curtains are good soundproofing materials.

This tutorial is going to clear everything about soundproof curtains.

If you do not want to repair the entire wall of your house again, then soundproof curtains are one of the simplest ways for soundproofing a room from outside noise.


According to my experience, soundproof curtains cannot completely block the outside sound because they are good for reducing echo in a room but will not reduce the decibel level of sounds entering the room.

For example, Suppose you are playing full sound music on your mobile in your room. You will see that the sound is buzzing too much inside the room.

Now cover that mobile with any clothe and play the music. You will see that the sound is buzzing less than before.

It means that the clothe reduces the echo of the sound. Due to which the sound is humming down in the room.

Soundproof curtains work just like the clothes. They do not reduce sound from the source of the sound. However, they help the sound disappear quicker in the room. It improves the ambiance from a rational perspective.

But, soundproof curtains work or not.

Soundproof Curtains- do they even exist?

soundproof curtains do they really work
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Before diving into the soundproof curtains topic, let me be clear about the soundproof curtains.

“A curtain can’t be actually soundproof, however it may reduce or dampen the volume of sound.”

If you can hear too much outside noise like road noises within your room, soundproof curtains won’t perform as well as a real soundproof window, but they’re an easy and efficient option to reduce the issue.

Curtains can be a great method to block out sound in your home and prevent the sound from echoing. Curtains by themselves aren’t enough, but they certainly aid.

It’s similar to the clothes you store in a closet. However, it has the added benefit of creating a wall between the room and the window.

How Do They Work?

It is not clear if curtains with soundproofing are just a myth or reality; the fact is that thick, multilayered curtains can significantly minimize the amount of sound that enters your home.

Because it has several layers of fabric that absorb the sound, and sound energy will be absorbed as the sound waves pass through it.

There are a variety of curtains available in the market. If you’ve money you can buy it otherwise, you don’t need to purchase expensive curtains.

You can hang a two or three-layer blanket over the door or windows and enjoy the same effect for absolutely no cost.

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Best & High-Quality Soundproof Curtains – Buying Guide

There are different types of curtains available in the market. Every company will give the best review of curtains so the customer can buy his product. But not all the curtains are soundproof and high-quality. Before buying a curtain, you should check some points to help you buy the best soundproof curtains.

Here are some important tips to guide you when purchasing soundproof curtains.

Cost of Curtains

The first thing always matters it is your budget. We think many times before investing in any product, and you should because it’s your right.

The best quality curtain comes around $50-$60, so you don’t need to invest more money. Every curtain is made of several layers that help absorb the sound, and sound energy will be absorbed as the sound waves pass through it.

Size of Curtains

Size is also a factor when you’re going to purchase a soundproof curtain. It depends on you where you will hang curtains. If you want to hang the curtain in the door or windows, measure the size and go for it.

The size also will increase the money. So, before buying a curtain must identify the source of noise and measure the size.

If you want to hang a curtain into the wall, then the curtain should cover the entire wall to absorb the light and sound.

Quality of Curtain

One of the best tips to purchase curtains is to check them using a flashlight. If you feel the fabric, then shine the light onto the curtains.

A lighter curtain will allow light to flow through. A soundproof or effective curtain will block all sounds and light. Therefore, choose a thicker curtain.

Thickness of Curtain

A thicker curtain blocks noise, while a lighter curtain does not block sound well. If the curtain is two or three layers, it will be a good curtain. This type of curtain helps reduce noise and echo.

Therefore, while buying a good curtain, definitely look at its thickness.

Another aspect to consider is the size and the style that the curtains are made of the material. Curtains with pleats feature greater mass and are more effective in blocking the sound.

Weight of Curtain

The weight is determined by the width, length, and overall dimension that the curtain. Naturally, a larger curtain will be a more thick curtain and will help in reducing noise.

While it’s impossible to deny that curtains with heavier drapes aren’t the most comfortable, however, they compensate for this by their noise-reducing properties.

If you feel that the curtains aren’t efficient in their performance or are not thick enough, consider adding more weight by layering them.

The main drawback of curtain curtains is their greatest benefit that is their weight.

Curtains that soundproof your home is easier to do than they are done, particularly when you attempt to hang them on your own. But this task is worthwhile if you require that peace.

The curtains are heftier and take in more sound, but they also limit any light poured into the space.

Now that you have the proper knowledge, you’ll be aware of what to look for when choosing the best curtain for your needs.

The next thing to be aware of is what you should not expect out of your windows.

The Density

Be aware that curtains with more thickness will help block out sound better than curtains with a thinner layer. To further reduce noise, You can also think about increasing the thickness of curtains you choose to use in the room.

Ceiling-Mount Brackets

If you wish to keep them out of your home, ceiling mount brackets could serve as a substitute for rods. They hang from the ceiling and provide the ceiling-to-floor coverage that is crucial to reduce noise. They also make curtains appear tall and magnificent.

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Best Quality Curtains That I Recommend

Here are the three best quality curtains that fit all your requirement for soundproofing curtains.

Affordable and Budget Soundproof Curtains.

  1. Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains (Check Price on Amazon).

2. Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Curtain Panel (Check Price on Amazon).

3. Lemomo Balckout Curtains Panels Thermal Insulated (Check Price on Amazon).

Advantage of Sound Reducing Curtains

Alongside their capability to create the quietest possible office or home environment, These noise-canceling curtains offer a variety of other advantages to enjoy in addition, such as:

  • Protecting you from light. They can create the blackout effect that people enjoy.
  • Extra insulation layers to keep both cold and heat.
  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • Help to reduce echo inside the room.
  • Many of them are following acoustic engineering basics to block as much noise as possible.

Conclusion About Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains won’t offer the same soundproofing experience as soundproof windows or other professional methods; however, they’re ideal for improving sound reduction at an affordable and budget price. The curtains block out all light that comes into the room, too.

I’ve lived in various homes with sound issues. It’s worthwhile to invest in methods to reduce the noise my view. It makes the room serene.

If you want to soundproof a room, you can read our detailed guide on soundproofing a room cheaply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do noise blocking curtains really work?

According to my experience, about 70% is effective in blocking outside noise. It is more efficient in reducing Echo’s inside the room. But it can block the outside noise in your room to some extent.

Also, if you want the sound to not go out of your room, then a curtain is the best solution. It blocks sound from one room to another.

What Kind of curtains is soundproof?

It is a myth that curtains are soundproof. But the reality is that curtains help to absorb Echo and light inside the room. But it can block the outside noise in your room to some extent. So, if you want to buy a curtain to soundproof a room, you can go with a double and tripling layer of the curtain.

Is there noise-canceling curtains?

Many soundproof curtains are available on the market. They are crafted with a triple-weave fabric, making them denser and more effective.

Thermal soundproof curtains are more efficient for your home. These types of curtains can help reduce your energy costs and make the curtains more effective at absorbing sounds.

Do thick curtains reduce noise?

Yes! Thick curtains reduce noise. Suppose you are playing full sound music on your speaker in your room. You will see that the sound is buzzing too much inside the room.

Now cover that speaker with any clothe and play the music. You will see that the sound is buzzing less than before.

It means that the clothe reduces the echo of the sound. Due to which the sound is humming down in the room. So, if you cover speaker with more thick clothe, then it will reduce buzzing noise.

How can I soundproof a room cheaply?

If you want to soundproof a room cheaply, then you can read out details guide on Best Idea for Soundproof a Room Wall Cheaply From Outside Noise.

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