5 best ideas to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube (2022)

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I think you have just started a new YouTube channel; that’s why you are here.


Every new YouTuber search “how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube” after starting a new channel.

This article will show you precisely what you need to do to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

Do you ever think about what happens when you get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel?

You’ll know everything in this tutorial. Let’s first understand why we need 1000 subscribers.

4 best smart ideas to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube (TOC)

Why We Need 1000 Subscribers?

According to YouTube’s new monetization policy, if you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you must have 1000 subscribers on your channel. Apart from 1000 subscribers, you also need 4000 watch time to apply for YouTube Partner Program.

📝 Note: After completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time, your revenue will start from YouTube.

Eligibility requirement for joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

  • Should not have community guidelines strikeon your channel.
  • You should have more than 4000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • You should have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Also, your account should link with AdSense account.

After completing these requirements, you can sign up for YPP.

You can complete 4000 watch hours quickly, but the challenging work is to get 1000 subscribers. So, let’s see how you can get 1000 subscribers on your channel.

5 Best Ideas to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube Channel

1. Branding Your Channel

Branding a YouTube channel means you have to set all the basic settings like channel name, YouTube thumbnail, adding a watermark to your video, description, tags, and other essential settings.

To customize your channel, go to channel customization page. Follow the navigation:

channel customization

Login to your YouTube channel > Click Your channel (top right corner) > Customize Channel.

1.1. Make Attractive YouTube Channel Art

youtube banner image

YouTube channel art or YouTube Banner is the large image banner that goes across the top of your channel page just like this!

It’s commonly used to visually communicate a channel’s brand and personality.

YouTube banner is the first thing visitors see when they visit your channel. So, it’s an important part of making a strong first impression.

You can also use channel art to convey key details about your channel, such as channel tagline, social media profiles and more.

The image you feature in your channel should let people know two things:

  • The topic of your channel
  • What makes your channel unique?

Therefore, always try to make attractive YouTube banner. It helps to get subscribers.

The general size for YouTube channel art: 2048 x 1152 pixels.

Here is the tutorial on making unique and beautiful YouTube channel banners.

How to Create Channel Art

When it comes to creating your YouTube channel banners art, you have two options:

DIY – if you’ve graphic design skills, you can make your channel art yourself using a photo editor software like Photoshop.

Use Canva – Canva is most popular drag and drop online graphic design tools. It comes with most advanced features, which allows you to create unique and beautiful designs. It is available for free and paid. You can create awesome YouTube channel Art with free version of Canva.

You can watch this step-by-step tutorial video to make a YouTube banner.

Video Credit – TheFigCo

1.2. Make YouTube Logo

YouTube logo customization

The YouTube logo is another thing that helps build your brand, and you can make your own logo with Canva. It creates good relation with the audience.

You can make any logos for your channel, such as black background YouTube logo, transparent background YouTube logo, Pink YouTube logo, blue color YouTube logo, etc.

The recommended size to use a picture that’s at least 98 x 98 pixels and 4MB or less. You can use PNG or GIF (no animations) file.

Again, the Canva is the best tool to make attractive design YouTube logo.

Here, you can watch this video to make YouTube logo.

Video Credit – DigiTuber

📝 Note: If you’re able to invest money to make a brand logo and logo teaser video, you can use 4Brand pro tools to design your YouTube channel logo.

1.3. Create Social Account

Over the world, most people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. It is best for generating traffic to YouTube videos.

You can create a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter profile with your YouTube channel name to share your video and build an audience. It will help you get YouTube subscribers also.

1.4. Add Description & Channel Name


Adding description and tags is another nice hack that you can use to build an audience, and it helps to know the people what is about your channel.

For example, if you’re channel related to product review, you can write a short description about your channel and what kind of product review video you make. So that people can get subscribers to your channel.

Also, you can add your channel name for branding your YouTube channel.

You can find the description box under basic info (see the above screenshot)

1.5. Add Video Watermark

Adding a watermark to a video is another helpful hack to complete 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel. YouTube lets you add a watermark that could be shown at the end of the video, set time position, and the entire video.

This adds another way for your viewers to subscribe to your channel. To do this, go to YouTube branding tab and video watermark.

Here you can see how this watermark looks like:

youtube video watermark

It gives you various options to show the watermark. You can also remove or change the existing watermark and use a new one. Instead of using the channel logo, I’m using the “Subscribe” icon, which helped increase subscribers.

You can download the below image (.png) and use it as your watermark.

I recommend to you use the watermark at the end of the video.

youtube subscribe button png download

1.6. Add Channel Trailer Video

youtube trailer video

You can add a channel trailer for viewers who haven’t subscribed to your channel. The trailer video is just an intro video related to the video. You can use AvatarBuilder online tools to make animated trailer videos.

Also, you can use Canva or 4brand to make an intro teaser video for your channel. Basically, the trailer video help to build an audience.

However, adding the channel trailer is best practice to get 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel. 

To do this, go to channel customization > Layout > Add.

Your first stage of branding the channel has been completed, and now move to the next step.

2. Make a Plan for Your Video

plan for creating a video

This tip is pretty simple, just think as an audience what they most likely to watch on YouTube.

Before creating a YouTube video, you have to make a plan and script for your video, and this is the first step in getting started on your YouTube journey.

Under the plan, you have to decide what type of video you will make.

According to your channel niche, you have to find the topic (more searchable topic) that viewers search on YouTube. You can use Ahrefs, Google Trends, Google search console, and other keyword research tools.

For example, if you want to make a video on “how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time.”

Go to Ahrefs keyword finder tools > keyword explore > YouTube > enter your keyword > select a targeted audience (United States) > search.

youtube keyword

You will see search volume of terms match, phrase match, and question related to keyword ideas.

get subscriber

Now, you will see total keywords with volume and GV (Global search volume shows how many times per month, on average, people search for the target keyword across all countries)

youtube video keyword idea

After identifying your target keyword and audience, write a script because scripts help you in organizing your videos efficiently and keeping you on track.

You can include important point into your video script:

  • The exact topic that you are going to cover.
  • The actions you will be taking in the video.
  • The important advice or bonus for viewers.
  • Calls to actions at the end of video (comment your question, subscriber my channel, etc.)

📝 Note: for beginner, always try to make video on high volume and low competition keyword. Identify the videos on your channel that bring in the most subscribers then you can make more content based on those videos.

3. YouTube Video Optimization

After deciding your video topic, it’s time to optimize you video for better ranking. It includes various factors that you need to consider during YouTube video SEO or optimization.

Let’s discuss one-by-one:

3.1. Optimize YouTube Titles

optimize Youtube Title

Being distinctive is the most crucial element in YouTube’s success.

A great method to accomplish that is to write eye-catchy titles. This way, you’ll see lots of viewers coming to your channel on the viewer’s curiosity.

A unique title can play a significant aspect in gaining the attention your channel requires to gain the social proof effect.

To get the maximum number of views, you’ll also have to look at the SEO aspect of YouTube advertising.

Here are a few suggestions to optimize your YouTube titles to increase your impact:

  • Make sure to include the targeted “keyword” within the titles. This had a more significant effect on SEO earlier on but significantly impacted video quality. Google crawlers don’t look at videos the same way they do blog posts, so including the keywords in the title lets Google crawlers know what your video’s content is.
  • Utilize Google AdWords to identify what people are looking for on the internet. Try to tackle videos that combine the perfect mix of high-volume searches with low, competitive ones.
  • Do not make the title lengthy. Google truncates the length of the video to 66 characters. It is also ‘ before the video (taking 10 characters). The ideal title for your video should comprise less than 50 characters.
  • Create a descriptive title. Give the audience an insight into what the video is about.
  • Engage the reader with your title. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, a funny title will attract more people to click. The more clicks that you get more, the better it will get.
  • Do not include “video” or “video” as a title. This will only add space to your page and won’t make you more visible in YouTube’s Search Engine (though it could have an impact on other search engines).
  • Always write relevant title. It means you title should be related to your video. For example, if your video is related to iPhone 13 review then your title should be like iPhone 13 honest review, pros & cons, benefit and more. Your title should not be like iPhone review or iPhone offers.

In short, learn to create engaging relevant, useful and well-optimized titles.

3.2. Make Eye-Catchy Thumbnail

eye catchy thumbnail

YouTube video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they are browsing video on YouTube.

The video thumbnails show to audience what the video is about.

You can easily upload your own thumbnail after finishing uploading if your account is verified.

YouTube thumbnail plays an important role in getting more views and subscribers. Your thumbnail should be eye-catching so that people are likely to click on your video.

Your YouTube thumbnail should be engaging and relevant to your video.

For example, look at these two pictures and think which one is more likely to be clicked. I hope you will click on the 2nd picture. Right!

Get 1000 subscriber on YouTube

If viewers click on your video after watching your thumbnail, the more chances they will subscribe to your channel.

The idle size for YouTube thumbnail is: 1280×720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels).

Canva and Thumbmaker is the best online tools for YouTube thumbnail maker.

It offers you pre-made thumbnail templates. With the help of ready-made templates, you can create eye-catchy thumbnail within minutes.

canva youtube thumbnail maker

3.3. Render High-Quality Video

render quality content video

It is crucial not to publish any content; your videos have to be of high quality, be unique, and use subjects you are fascinated by and know about.

Find your niche. Provide value to your audience to make sure that they love your content and will be interested in viewing and following, sharing, liking, and subscribing to it.

3.4. Re-optimization YouTube Video

This means always up to date your old published videos on YouTube. First check your video ranking position and find which ones have a low number of views.

After identify re-optimized your video by changing thumbnail and title of video. Also choose different keywords in order to rank better. Keep track your video after two or three weeks to see the improvements.

YouTube video rank checker: ytrank.net is free and online tool for checking YouTube video rank.

3.5. Creating a good description

Description of YouTube video is another crucial factor to complete 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel. Your video description should be relevant to your video. 

Write a short description of everything about your video that is about. Because some people always prefer to see the description before playing the video.

Also, mention related video links and social profile links in the description. However, writing a good description helps to get 1000 subscriber on YouTube. 

3.6. Add tags to videos

add tags to video

Tags are descriptive keyword you can add to your video to help viewers find your content. Just like YouTube thumbnail and description, video tags are also more important pieces of metadata for your videos.

These main pieces of information help viewers decide which video to watch. Also, it helps to boost your video’s rank in YouTube search results.

In other words, tags help YouTube to better understand your video’s topic, and include it into relevant searches, which helps you to reach new viewers and grow your subscriber.

Whenever you upload new video or doing re-optimization of video then try to put relevant tags to your video.

There are tons of YouTube tag generator available on the internet that you can use to generate tag for your video.

Here are some suggestions on how you can generate relevant tags and use them to rank your video on YouTube:

  • Use the YouTube tag generator tool to generate a tag for YouTube videos. Simply, type your keyword and tap on Generate tag. It will create tags related to your video then copy and paste them into your YouTube video.
  • Try to find your competitor tags for which their video is ranking or what title they are using for that video.
  • Don’t put irrelevant tags to your video description. 
  • Set your target keyword as your first tag. for example, type SEO as the first tag if your video is about SEO. 
  • Include your brand-specific tags, so your new video will come up as “suggested” when someone is watching your old videos.

📝 Note: Adding irrelevant and excessive tags to your video description is against YouTube policies.

4. Fixture

This basically means that you should publish videos regularly. Try to post one video every week. Try your best to make quality videos and stay constant. This will ensure greater engagement and will gain new YouTube viewers.

5. Endurance


Keep in mind the most crucial factor that is patience. Many people are discouraged after just a few months, which is incorrect. Don’t give up and stop using YouTube. In YouTube, patience is essential. You should at least wait six months to a year before you begin to see the results. As time passes, you’ll see gradual expansion in your channel.

Bonus Tips 💡

Last but not least, you have seen five brilliant ideas to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. You can follow these tips to boost your video views and subscribers.

If you want to complete your 4000-watch time and 1000 subscribers within one-two months, then you can try these bonus tips. 

Run YouTube video ads for two weeks atleast (if you’re able to invest some money). Make a video to tell people what your channel is for and give some bonus to subscribe to your channel. Apart from this, you can provide some free courses or gifts.

After running ads for two weeks, see the improvement you are getting subscribers or not. If yes, then run your ads for one more week. This technique definitely will help you to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

In addition, you can create YouTube shorts videos and share them on your social media. Also, you can create Instagram reels and add your YouTube channel link to your profile.

Final Verdict

I hope you liked the five best ideas to get 1000 subscribers on the YouTube tutorial. Now, it’s your turn, and follow all steps to boost your video ranking and complete 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers.

Again, I want to tell you one thing: don’t hurry, keep patient, and publish videos regularly. At least make sure to publish one video per week; try your best to publish quality videos and be consistent. This way, you will have better engagement and get new YouTube subscribers.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the below comment section. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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