3 Best Speechelo Alternative to Generate Realistic Voiceovers for Videos

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Speechelo is the best AI cloud-based software that transforms text into human sound with only three clicks. If you’re looking for a Speechelo alternative, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this tutorial, I’ll list the best alternative for Speechelo so that you can use it for converting text into voiceover.

There are tons of free and paid text-to-speech (TTS) available on the internet, but few of them are good. 

I will also include some free alternatives of Speechelo to use it for free, and you don’t need to invest money.

Let’s see the Speechelo alternative.

play.ht speechelo alternative

Play.ht is the best alternative to generate realistic voiceover using an online AI voice generator. You can instantly convert text in to natural human sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

This voiceover software allows you to explore and choose from over 600 male and female voices across 57 languages.

You can try it for free and available for commercial use, which means you can work for your clients.

 Nowadays, most people like to listen instead of reading. So, you can use play.ht as a text to voice for your blog post and use it at the above of any post.

When people open your post, they can listen to your whole post, and voiceover software help decrease the bounce rate.  

The best part about this realistic voiceovers AI tool is that it is also available for WordPress. With the help of play.ht WordPress plugin, you can integrate text to speech for every post.

🟠 Features of Play.ht Realistic Voiceovers

Voice Generation using AI – It allows to generate human voiceovers for videos, podcasts, e-learning, etc by using powerful AI voice generator.

Make Audio Articles – With the help of this AI software, you can easily convert your blog posts to audio article using synthetic voices to increase user engagement, content accessibility and time on page metrics.

Text to Speech API – You can integrate real-time voice synthesis in your applications with an easy-to-use API. It has more that 570+ voices and accents from across different providers.

Collection of the Best AI Voices – Best collection of natural sounding voices library with human like voices in 60+ languages. Click here to see the library of different languages and accents.

60+ languages and accents – You can create 100% human sounding speech in different languages and accents. Click here to see list of all language.

A powerful TTS Audio Online Editor – The online editor tools is very easy to use. Simply type or copy paste your content and within a few clicks convert into speech.

You can import your content form PDF file also.

🏷️ Play.ht Pricing Plan Details

If you want to enhance the user experience, you can use its premium plan. It comes with affordable plans, and either you can pay monthly or yearly.

The monthly plan can be a little bit higher than the yearly plan. You can save 25% with the annual plan.

It has four different plan categories: personal, professional, growth, and business. Every plan comes with additional features.

Here’s you can see the monthly and yearly plan list.

Monthly Plan

play.ht monthly plan

Yearly Plan (Save 25%)

play.ht yearly plan

NaturalReader is the best free text to speech software for everyone. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to invest money in TTS, you can go with a natural reader, and it is one of the alternatives to Speechelo on the market.

Do you know, Natural reader’s voiceover has existed in the market for several years before Speechelo?

The best part about NaturalReader is that you can use for free without creating an account.

However, it sounds pretty robotic. But if you don’t want the robotic voice, you can go with a paid version of NaturalReader. Its paid plan starts from $9.99/month only. 

👉 Click here to download NaturalReader Text to Speech.

🟠 NaturalReader Features

NaturalReader is available for different platforms such as online, software, commercial, WebReader, and EDU. Every forum has a different pricing plan and features.

Let’s see the NaturalReader features:

Listen to audio anywhere at any time – With natural reader you can convert school notes, office documents, and printed books into audio file from your computer or mobile devices.

It is available for both computer and mobile devices. Either you can download natural reader software for computer or mobile application from play store.

Support All document formats – It supports all type of file format such as PDF, txt, docx, ppt, pages, ods, odt, and non-DRM equb files. You can easily convert these files into speech.

Chrome Extension – Now you can listen your emails, news, articles, and Google Docs directly from the webpage. You just need to download and install NaturalReader chrome extension.

Read Aloud images and scanned files – With the help of OCR, you can listen to your printed books, scanned documents, and text from PNG or JPEG images.

100+ Natural Voices – NaturalReader comes with many natural sounding voices with 16 different languages.

Bookmark Features – You can add bookmark your favourite document and continue reading later.

🏷️ NaturalReader Pricing Plans:

As I told you NaturalReader is available for different platform and it has different features of each platform with different pricing plan. So, here I’m just talking about NaturalReader commercial pricing plan.

NaturalReader voiceover has both FREE and PAID plan. The paid plan available for monthly and yearly. Below you can see the complete details of NaturalReader price.

NaturalReader Simple Plan for Everyone

naturalreader simple plan

NaturalReader Commercial Monthly Plan

naturalreader commercial monthly plan

NaturalReader Commercial Yearly Plan

yearly plan

3. Notevibes - Speechelo Alternative


Notevibes is another powerful text to speech similar to the Speechelo. It has 4.4 rating out of 5, 175+ reviews and 25,000+ happy customers.

It comes with more advanced features like 201 natural sounding voices, speed and pitch settings, emphasis and volume control and many more.

You can convert any text to speech in seconds with free version of Note vibes. It is easy to use with simple and clean interface.

Here’s the simple and clean interface dashboard screenshot:

notevibes french text to speech

Notevibes allows you to make audio files for different types of business such as YouTube, Airports, Documents, Education, Media ads, Robots, broadcasting, IVR system, and Government.

The best part of Notevibes is that it comes with female, male and children voices with different languages.

The languages supported by Notevibes are:

English, British English, Australian English, Indian English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese.

If you’re looking for text to speech converter in Hindi languages than Notevibes is the best option for you. It is also best for French text to speech.

🟠 Notevibes Features:

  • 201 Natural voices
  • Realistic voice generator
  • Advanced editor
  • IVR voice maker
  • DJ voice creation
  • YouTube video voiceover
  • Voiceover for Games
  • Render audio as mp3 or WAV format
  • AI voice generator
  • High-fidelity speech Synthesis
  • Read text aloud

Broadcast for business

🏷️ Pricing Plan Details of Notevibes TTS

Notevibes available for both yearly and monthly plan. With yearly plan you can save 25%. Here you can see the list of each plan.

Notevibes Yearly Plan:

notevibes yearly plan

Notevibes Monthly Plan:

notevibes monthly plan

Benefit of Using Text-to-Speech Software

Nowadays, people prefer listening to content instead of reading. It’s because listening requires less mental strain, and it promotes cognitive ease.

Sometimes, we don’t want to scroll the whole page to read any documents. In that situation, we can use text-to-speech online software to convert the text into speech.

Text-to-speech software allows them to understand information in a way that makes content easier to retain.

Also, text-to-speech allows taking content away from the computer screen and into any environment that’s convenient for the consumer.

The text-to-speech software is best for those people who have eye problems reading printed text, and it helps to read content with speech.

Speechelo is the best online text-to-speech converter.

iSpeech Free Online Text to Speech - Bonus

ispeech free text to speech

If you’re willing to pay for TTS software and looking for free online text to speech, iSpeech is the best online tool. You can convert any text into voice with different languages.

It allows you to choose speech speed as slow, regular, and fast. You can download your convert voice into mp3.

iSpeech Text-to-speech reader features:

  • 27 Languages
  • Natural Sounding Voices
  • Convert plain text, e-books, and pdfs to speech
  • 3 reading speeds
  • Download audio in multiple formats

Conclusion About 3 Best Speechelo Alternative

I hope you liked our top 3, the best Speechelo alternative list. If you’re looking for the best alternative to Speechelo, then Play is the best option because of its advanced features.

And if you’re looking for free text to speech to generate voiceover videos, then NaturalReader is the best free human voice text to speech generator online tool. 

Notevibes is also one of the best and affordable text-to-speech voiceovers software to generate voice like real human beings. 

You can explore these three Speechelo alternatives and use them to generate a realistic voiceover

I hope you guys found this post on text-to-speech Speechelo alternative software.

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