What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program

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Are you searching, what is EPC in affiliate marketing, or what does EPC mean in affiliate marketing when you have landed on the right page? Because in this tutorial, you will know everything about the critical term of the affiliate marketing program.

EPC means earnings per click, and it is a crucial term in affiliate marketing programs. If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing, you must know about these essential terms.

Because it helps you understand whether a product is worth selling or not, once you know how to use EPC to determine profitable or non-profitable affiliate campaigns, you can maximize earning per click to get more profit.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll know what is EPC in the Affiliate marketing program and how to calculate EPC.

Before diving into the main topic, let’s know about affiliate marketing.

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing program
What is Affiliate Marketing Program

An affiliate marketing is a way to sell or promote the other company’s product and earn some commission for that product, which is known as affiliate marketing. The commission can be any percentage (e.g., 5%, 10%, etc.).

For example, A company gives a 5% commission for selling their electronic product. Suppose you sell one mixture machine for $100, then you will get the $10 as a commission for that selling product.

Hence, every company has a different criteria of commission for another product category. So, before promoting the product must check the commission percentage. 

There are different platforms available on the Internet that allow selling the product, such as Amazon.com, Themeforest.net, etc.

Now, the question is how you can sell an affiliate product. Here’s the answer.

There are different ways to sell an affiliate product. If you have a website, you can write a product review article and promote the product. Also, you can run the ads for that affiliate product (If you don’t have a website). Read more about What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing program.

Accept this; there are three ways to make money online.

  • Sell your own products/services.

It includes Physical (Clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) and virtual (eBook’s, graphics, video, etc.) products.

  • Sell Advertisement Space.

It requires a website or blog. If you have exemplary visitors to your sites, then you can sell your product through advertisement. But most people don’t have a popular website. So, in that case, the third way is a good idea to make money online.

  • Sell other people products (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is booming nowadays. It is a popular way to make money online. As I discuss above, affiliate marketing is the way to sell other company products and earn money through it.

Now let’s know what is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program.

What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program?

What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program
EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program

EPC or earning per click is the campaign metric for all affiliate marketers, and it is the average amount of revenue you generate each time someone clicks on your affiliate links.

If the value of earning per click is more, your ability to make money will also be high.

For example, if you earned an affiliate commission of $1000 by driving 100 clicks to a seller’s website, the EPC would be $1000/100 = $10.00.

You can identify which campaigns work better and bring more commissions by calculating your EPC value. Moreover, Experience affiliate marketers use EPC terms mostly. This is all about what is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program.

Why EPC is Important for us?

Most affiliate marketers aren’t aware of the term EPC, and you are the one it means you’re wasting your money in advertising the affiliate product. 

That’s the reason EPC will help you determine how much you could earn, which pages and links are most effective, as well as which pages and links need to be improved.

EPC stands for earnings-per-click, but this can be misleading. The EPC formula allows you to see the value for clicks and not just clicks.

It uses a cost/click formula to allow you to analyse data for multiple clicks at one time. It will then return a result of your earnings based on 100 clicks.

EPC can be used as an analytics tool for affiliates.

These are essential things to consider:

  • Clicking may bring in little money, but it’s still an individual action.
  • High bounce rates or high numbers of clicks that do not turn into sales, sign-ups or sales may cost you earnings.

A significant aspect of calculating your clicks is that you can earn different amounts of commission for signing up or purchasing.

The formula for EPC Calculate

Calculate EPC
How to Calculate EPC

It is easy to calculate your earnings with just one click. Here is the EPC formula.

EPC = Total earned affiliate commission / Total Number of Click.

By this formula, you can calculate earning per click (EPC).

For example, if you earned an affiliate commission of $500 by getting 50 clicks, your EPC value would be $10.

Here, $500 is the total earned amount of affiliate commission and 50 is the total number of click on your affiliate links. At every one clicks you earn $10 of commission.

This information is available on many affiliate marketing websites, and they will calculate the EPC for your affiliate products. This data is sometimes called “network EPC” as it comes from an affiliate program partner, and it provides an average.

You may wonder, “If earnings per click affiliate programs provide this information, why doesn’t everyone just promote products that have higher EPCs and spend more on ads for that affiliate hyperlink?”

This information does not show the average earnings per click for affiliate partners. One affiliate partner may earn $3 per click, while the other receives only $1, and the average is $2.

It is not necessary to choose the product that has the highest EPC to earn you a good income.

A solid marketing strategy is essential for this.

Let’s find out how we can increase our EPC marketing FAST.

How we can increase our EPC marketing FAST

Increase EPC marketing fast
Increase EPC (Earning Per Click) Marketing FAST

It is easy to see the results of your efforts by calculating the EPC for each affiliate link and promotion. EPC can be used in many ways to increase your campaign’s effectiveness, and here are some ideas.

  • Calculate your EPC to determine which websites and advertising platforms produce the best yield.
  • Compare the performance of various links.
  • Comparing historical data with current data will help you determine if your campaigns improve.
  • You can find out if you earn more from lower-cost sign-ups, sign-ups, or purchases that are often difficult to reach.
  • You can assess whether paid advertising is worth the cost by comparing how much you spent per click to how much you earned.
  • Problems such as broken or invalid links, high bounce rates and poor content can be eliminated.
  • To determine which version is more profitable, you can perform A/B testing of two versions of your affiliate site.
  • Use Affiliate links every where in your blog post.
  • Link to the highest paying merchant to get the highest pay-outs for their links.

Bonus Tips for Increasing EPC Marketing Fast

Above, we have already discussed many ideas to increase EPC marketing, but I’m giving some bonus tips that will help boost your EPC marketing fast.

Bonus #1. Use Affiliate link to your blog post:

Putting affiliate links in the blog post is the best way to improve your EPC marketing without more effort. If you have a high authority blog website that drives enormous traffic, you can add affiliate links to your blog post get more affiliate commission.

Interesting fact- content and blogs generate almost 40% of affiliate publisher commissions in the United States?

You can write content related to product review, comparison, product list, top 10 list, and best product for affiliates links.

Bonus #2. Link to the highest paying merchant 

The market competition influences EPC. Earnings per click will increase if there is more competition.

Online publishers must link to the highest-paying merchants to get the best pay-outs.

Bonus #3. Use Fast Hosting Service

Just think when users click on your affiliate links when they stay on your website page or landing page. If your landing page does not load fast, the bounce rate will increase. Therefore, for better user experience and high EPC, use fast hosting.

A study found that the average website load speed is 10.3 seconds for desktop users and 27.3 seconds for mobile. Even a 1-second delay can reduce the load time and:

  • Pageviews up to 11%
  • Conversions up to 7%
  • Satisfaction of Customers by 16%

To secure more visitors, you need to keep your hosting reliable and fast. It will drive more clicks to affiliate links and generate more EPC.

Bonus #4. Use Responsive WordPress Theme

If your site is hosted in the WordPress platform, use a responsive theme because sometimes the theme becomes responsible for website loading.

If your theme is responsive, your website load time will reduce, and the user experience will also improve. That lets you click an affiliate link.

Final Conclusion About What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program

I hope this article helped you understand EPC in Affiliate Marketing Program. By calculating your EPC value, you can quickly identify which campaigns work better and bring more commissions.

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