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Affiliate marketing is booming!

Getting the first affiliate commission isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult if you are a newbie affiliate marketer. 

There are many bloggers or affiliate marketer who are earning more than thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing every month. You can also do this. But you should know the strategy for selling the product. 

If you’re a beginner or you’ve just started affiliate marketing.


I think you are struggling to make your first affiliate commission?

Am I right?

Then don’t worry.

Because, today we’ll review one of the affiliate marketing video training courses which is AffiB2A that will help you to boost your affiliate marketing commissions within one month.

Yes, you can skyrocket your affiliate commission. 

In this article, you will get to know each and every aspect of this AffiB2A video course review along with its features, benefits, pricing details, pros, cons and many more details in this AffiB2A review

So that you can make your purchase decision without any confusion and doubts. 

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AffiB2A Video Course Review - An Overview

  • Creator – Chris & Pradeep Sahgal
  • Product – AffiB2A Video Training Course
  • Launch Date – 03/09/2022
  • Front-end Price – $37 (One time payment)
  • Official Website – Click here
  • Bonus – Yes! Included (Worth $290)
  • Discount – Yes (Limited Time)
  • Skill Required – No
  • Refund Policy – 7 days 100% money back guarantee
  • Niche – Affiliate Marketing
  • Support – Effective Response
  • Recommend – Highly Recommend

What is AffiB2A?


AffiB2A is a complete, step-by-step video training course that encompasses everything you need to know to get started with affiliate marketing, generate new leads & massive affiliate commissions every single day.

It is an all-in-one affiliate marketing video training course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing, how to get your first sale, how to generate thousands of money every month, how to build your customers, and many more.

Chris & Pradeep Sahgal are two men who are behind this amazing affiliate marketing course. Both went from raw beginner to powerful multi-million dollar generating super affiliate in less than a year. 

He generated $1,493,482.70 affiliate commission in 2021.

Here are some snapshot of their earning:

affiliate marketing earning proof
Sahgal Personal Affiliate Earning Proof Snapshot

And today, they are ready to teach you affiliate marketing success secrets.

So, if you want to learn affiliate marketing from zero to hero and want to become a millionaire then grab this affiliate marketing video training course today.

About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is booming day by day.

As you likely already know, one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is in affiliate marketing. 

An affiliate marketing is a way to sell or promote another company’s product and get paid in commissions for sales closed, which is known as affiliate marketing. The commission can be any percentage (e.g., 5%, 10%, etc.).

 For example, A company gives a 5% commission for selling their electronic product. Suppose you sell one mixture machine for $100, then you will get the $10 as a commission for that selling product.

 Hence, every company has a different criteria of commission for another product category. So, before promoting the product you must check the commission percentage. 

 There are different platforms available on the Internet that allow selling the product, such as,, Clickbank,  etc.

Most importantly, it’s significantly less time-consuming when compared to other marketing methods, and it enables you to enhance your paychecks from the comfort of your own home,

 Now, the question is how you can sell affiliate products. Here’s the answer.

 There are different ways to sell an affiliate product. If you have a website, you can write a product review article and promote the product. Also, you can run the ads for that affiliate product (If you don’t have a website).

AffiB2A HD video training course will teach you everything about affiliate marketing. 

AffiB2A Video Course Review - Benefits

44 high quality video classes – All videos are divided into chapter wise and there are 44 chapters. Each chapter is screen recorded and well-explained. 

Proven fresh method to increase sales – AffiB2A video course will walk you through every new and fresh method to generate high sales. 

Beginner friendly – This affiliate marketing training video course teaches you affiliate marketing from scratch. It is best for a beginner who doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing. 

One time payment (No upgrade) – You don’t have to pay every month or year for this video course. AffiB2A offering to learn basic to advance affiliate marketing secrets with affordable price and one time payment.

7 day money back guarantee – Basic to advance affiliate marketing comes with a special 7-day 100% money back guarantee. 

Why You Should Join AffiB2A Affiliate Marketing Video Course?

The pandemic outbreak has resulted in increasing financial uncertainty and higher unemployment. These uncertain times have worried people about their financial futures, making them seek alternative money-making opportunities.

Affiliate marketing is trending and a free source to make passive income easily.

As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about launching products, providing support, and tweaking sales pages endlessly in order to increase conversion rates, and profit.

In fact, affiliate markets can make just as much money as product owners and online merchants without having to do any of the work.

But, one of the biggest problems for newbies in affiliate marketing is how to sell the product or get a high conversion rate.

That’s why Sahgal launched AffiB2A affiliate marketing training course so that he can share the secret about affiliate marketing.

What You Will Get Inside this AffiB2A Video Course

AffiB2A video course packages include step-by-step tutorial videos to set up their own profit-pulling affiliate marketing business from scratch.

AffiB2A video training courses are divided into two modules. 

Inside module #1, you’ll get 14 chapters of step-by-by training videos that will show you exactly how to start your own affiliate marketing business and run it profitably online for the long term. Everything is screen-recorder and well-explained tutorial videos. 

Each part is divided into chapter wise. And you’ll get:

affib2a module first

Chapter 1 – What is affiliate marketing?

Chapter 2 – WarriorPlus Overview.

Chapter 3 – JVZoo Overview.

Chapter 4 – Click Overview.

Chapter 5 – How to find affiliate products in Any Niche?

Chapter 6 – How to choose the Best Affiliate offers?

Chapter 7 – How to Promote Products on WarriorPlus?

Chapter 8 – How to Promote Products on JVZoo?

Chapter 9 – How to Promote Products on ClickBank?

Chapter 10 – Best selling niches on Clickbank.

Chapter 11 – How to find bonuses for Affiliate offers?

Chapter 12 – How to use a CB Engine?

Chapter 13 – How to Promote products on Amazon?

Chapter 14 – How to do Niche Research for your Amazon Affiliate blog?

The second module #2 is divided into 30 chapters of step-by-step training videos which are the continuation videos of the basic package. In this module, you’ll learn how to take your affiliate marketing business off the ground and start generating life-changing income

Everything is screen-recorded and well explained. You’ll get:

affib2a module second

Chapter 15 – How to do keyword research for Amazon Affiliate Blog?

Chapter 16 – How to find low competition keywords for your affiliate blog?

Chapter 17 – How to find best domain name ideas?

Chapter 18 – The niche site model for Amazon affiliate blog.

Chapter 19 – The VS site model to promote affiliate offers.

Chapter 20 – The alternative site model to promote affiliate offers.

Chapter 21 – How to promote digital products with Review blog model?

Chapter 22 – How to make your site fast?

Chapter 23 – How to write your product review article?

Chapter 24 – How to promote affiliate offers with comparison technique?

Chapter 25 – How to promote affiliate offers with alternatives post?

Chapter 26 – How to promote affiliate offers with VS method?

Chapter 27 – What plugin should you install for your Review model site?

Chapter 28 – How to use a review plugin on your site?

Chapter 29 – How to find Guest posting in Any niche for Backlinks?

Chapter 30 – How to promote affiliate offers using Facebook fanpage?

Chapter 31 – How to promote affiliate offers using YouTube?

Chapter 32 – How to use Google sites to Promote Affiliate offers?

Chapter 33 – How to use Quora to Drive Traffic?

Chapter 34 – How to register on Quora?

Chapter 35 – How to find the Best Questions?

Chapter 36 – How to post the best answer?

Chapter 37 – How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Blog?

Chapter 38 – How to promote affiliate offers using Google site?

Chapter 39 – How to Drive Traffic by using Pinterest?

Chapter 40 – How to create a Pinterest Account?

Chapter 41 – How to use Pinterest to Promote affiliate offers?

Chapter 42 – How to build a list with free Giveaway?

Chapter 43 – How to find a related forum to promote affiliate offers?

Chapter 44 – How to find the best solo Ad services to promote affiliate offers?

You’ll learn everything about getting started with affiliate marketing from zero to advanced level like choosing the right niches and products, and getting traffic to making sales that can help you to generate more than thousands of dollars every month.

It can be possible only when you purchase this video course. It gives you a 7 days 100% money back guarantee. 

I think $37 dollars is not a big amount. With this little investment, you earn lots of money.

AffiB2A Video Course Review - Pros & Cons


  • Everything included related to affiliate marketing.
  • Basic to advance affiliate marketing.
  • Screen recorded video and well explained.
  • One time payment.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Best affiliate marketing course for beginners.


  • It offers only a 7 day money guarantee.
  • No other cons were found.

AffiB2A Video Course Review - Pricing Details

Normal Price – $479 – Launch Price ( $442 Discount) Only $37.

Use AffiB2A07 Code to get $2 Off Discount.

AffiB2A Bonuses

AffiB2A basic to advance affiliate marketing video course package giving you huge bonuses of worth $290

Here’s the bonus list:

Bonus #1 - AffiB2A Video Course Training Guide EBook

Bonus 1 AffiB2A Video Course Training Guide E Book 1

In this video training guide eBook, you’ll learn everything related to affiliate marketing from scratch.

Let me recap what you’ll get inside this eBook:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • Why should you become an affiliate marketer?
  • What should you do before becoming an affiliate marketer?
  • How to do affiliate marketing on Amazon?
  • The best and high paying commission affiliate program.
  • How to choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.
  • 10 Excellent affiliate marketing courses to learn.
  • The common types of affiliate marketing channels.
  • Pros and Cons of affiliate marketing.

Bonus #2 - Top Resource Report

Bonus 2 Top Resource Report

Let me recap, what you’ll get inside top resource report:

  • Affiliate marketing related videos.
  • Useful tools that help you to boost your affiliate commissions.
  • Step-by-step useful training videos.
  • Process guide.
  • Top blogs related to affiliate marketing.
  • Infographics.

Bonus #3 - Training Cheat Sheet

Bonus 3 Training Cheat Sheet

Let me recap, what you’ll get inside this cheatsheet:

  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • 3 Things you must know before starting affiliate marketing.
  • Easy step to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.
  • What to look for in a good affiliate program?
  • The best affiliate program for beginners.

To avail the bonus, you’ve to purchase your AffiB2A basic to advance affiliate marketing video course after that you’ll get all the bonus.

Final Conclusion

Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about AffiB2A Video Course Review, I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. I understand the decision of taking out $37 one time payment is not simply made but this little investment is profitable and for a long time.

And your investment is guaranteed safely thanks to a 7 day 100% money back guarantee without any questions asked.

AffiB2A is a really based affiliate marketing video course in the marketplace which allows you to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

I specially bought this video course to review it only. Each part of the video course is explained in detail. I highly recommend using this affiliate marketing course for a newbie. 

Thank you so much for reading my AffiB2A video course review. 

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