8 Extremely Free Useful Websites You Presumably Didn’t Know They Existed

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Hello everyone! As you know, there are billions of websites on the Internet that we are not aware of. So, In this article, we’re going to see eight extremely free useful websites you presumably didn’t know existed on the internet. 

The Internet is the best resource for learning and knowing something new. Whenever we need to know about any topic that we didn’t know then we use a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to search something. 

And as a result we get articles, and videos that help to understand. Well, we can say that the internet is our best friend who helps us. 

Let’s see the 8 free useful websites that make your work easier. 

8 Extremely Free Useful Websites

8 Extremely Free Useful Websites

1. Profile Pic Maker

profile pic maker
Profile pic maker

There are thousands of profile pic makers available on the internet but this tool is cool and amazing. In a single click, you can generate beautiful profile pictures for your social profile.

If you’re looking for the best profile picture maker for social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp then it is one of the most popular and free websites.

You can use this free profile picture maker to make an awesome profile picture for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Gamil and other social networks. It allows you to make a rounded profile picture from any photo.

The best feature of this website is that it automatically removes the background from your images and instantly generates profile pictures.

It also allows you to edit colours, shadows, and other settings that make your profile picture attractive. 

Apart from this, you can also download a matching background with your new profile pic.

download matching background for profile pic
Also download a matching background with your new profile pic

How to Use Profile Pic Maker

  • Upload your photo
  • Adjust rotate, scale, background colour, and shadow.
  • Preview profile pic and background
  • Download your profile pic

Here you can see a profile pic is made by using profile pic maker website.

profile pic example
Made by profile pic maker

 >> Visit Profile Pic Maker Website <<

2. MixKit

free assets for your next video project
Free assets for YouTube video

If you’re looking for free copyright video clips, music, sound effects, video templates for your video project then MixKit is the best platform to download such things for free. 

Yes, you can download awesome free assets for your next video project. It has a large collection of free copyright stock video, stock music, sound effects, and video tempatels. 

This website is made from popular theme downloaded site Envato elements. 

You can use these all assets in your YouTube video, Instagram Stories, Google Web stories, project. There are no copyright issues. It is absolutely free for everyone. 

free mixkit license category
Free Mixkit License Category

According to the MixKit, the stock video under the free licence can be used in:

  • YouTube videos
  • Social Media video posts
  • Online marketing ads
  • Music videos
  • Educational videos
  • Commercial projects
  • Filmmaking

Click here to read more about the MixKit license.

>> Explore MixKit Official Website <<

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3. Screely

instantly turn a screenshot into a browser mockup
Covert a screenshot into a browser mockup

Screely is one of the best websites to turn a screenshot into a browser mockup. You can generate website mockups instantly without using any software. 

It is pretty simple to use, just drag and drop your files or browse files from your computer and the file automatically converted into website mockups. 

For example, in the below picture you can see the previous screenshot and after generating the browser mockup. 

how to convert screenshot into browser mockup

You can set the background colour, pixel and download it. It comes with too many features. If you are a tech blogger then you can use this website for your project. 

You can also download chrome and edge extensions to take screenshots of any webpage and load it into screely. No more manually taking screenshots, opening screely and uploading them. 

>> Click here to explore screely <<

4. Copy Paste Character

copy paste character
Copy paste character

Copy paste character is the best site for styles of emoji and you can use it to write captions or descriptions in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and other social site platforms. 

Simply copy the icon or HTML text and paste it where you want to use it. It is completely free for everyone. 

>> Try Copy Paste Character <<

5. Copy.ai

AI copywriting generator tool
Free AI copywriting generator tool

It is a free AI copywriting generator tool that helps you to generate webinar title, blog title, SEO title, Email subject lines and many more. 

There are tons of AI copywriting generators available on the Internet but they are amazing tools. It comes with more features compared to other tools on the marketplace. This tool is free but you can also use the pro version. 

As a beginner, I recommend using free tools. Its free version is also good. 

It has 90+ different generator tools and you can use it to write 25+ different languages. 

List of AI powered Copywriting Generators Tools:

  • BIO Generator
  • Webinar Title Generator
  • Blog Title Generator
  • SEO Title Generator
  • Free Email Subject Line Generator
  • Content Idea Generator
  • Free Instagram Caption Generator
  • Free Meta Description Generator
  • Paraphrase Tool
  • TikTok Content Ideas
  • Free Blog Post Ideas Generator
  • Free Business Name Generator
  • Free Hook Generator
  • Free Instagram Hashtag Generator
  • Linkedin Headline Generator
  • Click here for more

If you’re looking for the Instagram caption or Hashtag generator then you must use these tools. 

For example, let’s generate meta descriptions of blog posts. First type your keyword in the first box and title of your blog post in the second box and click create copy. The AI tool will automatically generate the meta description.

meta description generator tool
Meta description generator tool

Here you can see tools generate unique and attractive meta descriptions. You can copy it and use it into your blog post. 

useful website for generating free meta description
Meta description generate by AI tool

It is also available for the pro version. The pro version gives you more features compared to the free version. So, if you want to invest money on AI tools, you can go with these tools. 

>> Visit Official Website of Copy.ai <<

6. WhatRuns

mid blowing website that you never seen before
Discover what runs a website

Do you want to know which platform or plugin is using your competitor? WhatRuns is a free browser extension that lets you identify what runs on any website at the click of a button. 

To use it, first download the chrome extension on your chrome browser. Once you add the extension to your browser, you will see the WhatRuns icons on the top corner of your chrome browser. 

what runs extention
What runs extention

Now, open the website for which you want to know what technologies they use on the website. 

For example, we want to know about bloggingx.com. First open this website and click on the Whatruns icon. You can see what runs on this website. 

what run example

It’s showing you all technology information like this site built on WordPress, Using Astra theme, and different plugins. 

>> Click here to try Whatruns <<

7. Lumen5

convert any blog post into stunning video
Convert any blog post into video

This is the website that allows you to convert blog posts into videos with A.I. It comes with tons of ready to use templates that you can use for your project. 

Simply select your template and change text, colour, font and transform your blog post into stunning video. Using this tool, you can increase productivity. 

The best thing about this tool is that you can enter your blog post URL and it will automatically transform into video. 

The free version has some limitations so if you want to access all features then you need to upgrade to the pro version. 

>> Visit Official website of lumen5 <<

8. Coverr.co

copyright free video
Free copyright video library

Last but not least, it is another popular website for free copyright stock video. In this website, you can download tons of different categories of video for your YouTube project. 

All the videos are free to use so there is no copyright issue with it. 

>> Try it Now <<

Final Verdict

These all are 8 extremely free useful websites that presumably didn’t know they existed. I hope you like all these websites. Might be you have heard about some websites but some of them are unseen.

Well, out of eight websites, my favourite website is profile pic maker and screely. 

Which one is your best website out of these eight websites? Please let me know in the comment sections. If you like this website, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you know some mind blowing websites then mention them in the comment box. 

Enjoy reading!

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