Best Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021 – Jepwco

Best Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021 – Jepwco

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  • RF signal detect pinhole and Wireless hidden cameras
  • Can effectively prevent your privacy leaks.
  • Anti-spy detector can detect eavesdropping devices, GPS locators and etc.
  • Signal detection can detect radio waves, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal
  • Frequency detection range around 1Mhz – 6.5Ghz
  • Help you trust the surrounding environment
  • Portable pen hidden camera detector has 5 levels of sensitivity
  • Allow you to accurately find the hidden camera signal source
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 20 hours of use per charge)
  • It has only 30g weight, easy to carry and store
  • Perfectly for home, office, travel etc.


Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021 – Jepwco

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About Best Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021

Have you ever thought that your privacy has been leaked? Are you concerned about your privacy? Nowadays every peoples are concerned about their privacy. Because no one will have an idea of when they will be tapped. You can not imagine a situation in which you will be the victim of hidden cameras, audio bugs, GPS tracking. So, to prevent your safety, privacy, and security the professional spy bug detector came to the market.

About Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021

There are many different types of Anti-spy detector available on the internet but RF detectors are one of the most powerful and popular tools for inspecting unwanted surveillance. If you suspect you’re being monitored and you don’t trust anyone, whether at home, hotel dressing room, bed room, bathroom, or even confidential meeting and so on, with the help of Jepwco bug detector your privacy will never be leaked. Our primary pick is Jepwco G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector for hidden Camera, because of its range, affordability, and sensitivity.

JEPWCO is popular American’s leading security, and protection brand. Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector is made with advanced technology and it has more than 10 million happy users and counting. The shape of Bug Detector and Privacy Protector is just like a pen. It is easy to carry and store because of light weight.

Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021 can detect eavesdropping devices, GPS, pinhole cameras, wired and wireless hidden cameras. 5 levels sensitivity signal detection can detect radio waves such as 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal. Frequency detection strength are very strong and it is about 1Mhz – 6.5Ghz. RF signal allow to accurately find the hidden cameras signal source. Read more about Jepwco Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021.

This Best Anti-spy detector 2021 comes with a brighter lens, which is an advanced and improved version of the device. It has six-white colored LED lights which gives indication whenever it found any hidden bug devices. The fascinating features of this spy device detectors is, it comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery has 300mAH capacity, but with a full one hour charge, the Bug Detector works for over 25 hours.

It is very convenient to use because of only two button, you can easily switch the mode into radio wavers detection, hidden camera detection, and RF wireless signal detection as per your choice.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Jepwco Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021

  1. Ultra high sensitive chip technology can accurately detect 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal and radio waves within 15 meters. It can also detect the electronics devices between the frequency of 1Mhz-6.5Ghz.
  2. Lithium ion rechargeable battery gives more power, and you can easily keep it working for 25 hours only with an hour of full charging. You don’t need to charge your spy bug detector every time.
  3. Easy to carry and store because of it only weights 0.03g. It is much lighter than a phone and perfectly for home, office, travel, and etc.
  4. It has upgraded lens which comes with much brighter. It can easily and precisely identify the hidden camera and pinhole camera.
  5. Intensity display with 6 cool white LED lights, it can accurate and precisely locate the signal source. It can accurately detects the position of audio bug, voice recorder and GPS tracking device within a few minutes.
  6. The best part of this RF bug detector is easy to operate because it comes with only two button. Anyone can operate easily and don’t required to much skills. It gives you three mode and can easily switch the mode into radio waves detection, RF wireless signal detection and camera detection.

How To Choose The Best Anti Spy Detector

⇒ Battery Life: The battery life of the Anti-spy detector is significant. Because nobody wants such type of device which will stop working within hours. So, before buying an RF bug detector must check the battery capacity. For help, check the review of the product.

⇒ Frequency Range: A good RF bug detector is one that has a broad range of frequency spectrum. Some of the bug detectors cover from 1Mhz to 6.5Ghz. But few of them can cover up to 10Ghz. Always pick the good frequency range devices so that it can find hidden cameras easily.

⇒ Functionality: Every bug detector has different functionality like when some anti-spy detector device found any surveillance appliance then it sends light alerts and some advanced professional spy bug detector display and distinguishes the signal strength.

⇒ Durability & Cost: One most important factor is the durability of the device. Most people are likely to carry the spy device detectors in the pocket, purse, or backpack. Before buying the device make sure that comes with a durable and sturdy construction so that you can carry it with safety without break into pieces. Also, the cost of the devices is very important because sometimes the high price product not works well. So, before buying check everything like review, specification, functionality, durability, frequency range, etc.

Conclusion of Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector USA 2021

After reviewing its features and technology, it is clear that this is one of the best Anti-spy detector in 2021. Definitely Jepwco Portable Pen Shape Anti Spy Detector will help to prevent our privacy, safety, and security. Without any hesitation we can stay at hotel rooms, work at office, and can travel anywhere. If you’re really concerned about your privacy then go ahead buy this product. It is amazing device for Anti Spy Detector for Wireless Audio Bug Camera.


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