Luke Bell, The missing Country singer was found dead, Know cause of death.

Luke Bell was one of the most magnetizing and authentic artists to grace country music in this modern era. 

Luke Bell, who went missing on 20 August 2022, has been found dead, according to officer Frank Magos from the Tucson police Department.  

He died at the age of 32 years and it is presumed that he died because of his mental disease of bipolar disorder. 

It has also been confirmed from the investigation that Bell was suffering from mental illness for a long time, which progressed after the death of his father in 2015.

According to Magos, The investigation is ongoing so nothing can be confirmed until the autopsy results come out.

Country singer Luke Bell, was found in the 5500 block of E. Grant road in Midtown, Tucson, according to Frank Magos Tucson police.

The news of Bell's death was announced by his family and close friends in a statement. 

He had said that the heart is broken on the loss of our beloved son, brother and friend. 

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