Mary Peltola wins U.S House Race after Defeating Sarah Palin in special election 

Democrat Mary Peltola wins the U.S.House race in Alaska after defeating Sarah Palin in the special election.

She will become the first female woman to represent Alaska in the United state house of representatives.

Mary Peltola also became the first Alaska Native ever to serve in congress.

On Wednesday, Peltola's 49th birthday, she defeated two republican candidates Sarah Palin and Nick Begich in ranked choice voting results.

In November, all three candidates, along with Libertarian Chris Bye, will be up for re-election to a full two-year term. 

Alaskans cast their ballots. Peltola received 39.7% of the state's first-choice votes, followed by Palin with 30.9% and Begich with 27.8%.

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Following the announcement of the results, Peltola was jubilant, rejoicing with supporters and received a congratulations call from President Joe Biden.

Not only Joe Biden, Peltola also received congratulatory messages from the U.S. Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski.  

Peltola also received congratulatory messages from national democrats and independent governor candidate Bill walker.  

It was a great day for Mary Peltola to win the U.S. house race after defeating Sarah palin.