The most repeated numbers in Powerball and Mega Millions 

There are many lotteries in the United States. Mega Millions and Powerball are the most popular. 

They often offer huge cash prizes and rollovers. The most recent jackpot reached over a billion dollars. 

Both lotteries require players to choose six numbers. Powerball has five numbers between 1 to 69, and another between 1 and 26. 

In Mega Millions land, five numbers can be chosen from between 1 to 70 and one number from between 1-25. 

Lotto Numbers states that Mega Millions numbers are 31, 17, 4, 20 and 10, respectively. 

The most drawn Mega Ball numbers are 10. These numbers are 51, 49. 35, 55, and 5. 

Mega Ball has attracted the fewest numbers: 7.

Powerball has seen the following numbers most often: 39, 32. 41, 23 and 22.  

However, 18 has been the most frequent appearance of Powerball 

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